Youbaok com Reviews [Sep 2020] Is It A Legit Website?

Youbaok com Reviews

Youbaok com Reviews [Sep 2020] Is It A Legit Website? >> This article is about a website Youbaok which sells personalized products as per the demand, read.

Love your product to be customized in your way?  Today we will be talking about a brand based in the United States. Today people love to get customized products, whether a product or streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, which uses AI to customize the user’s content.

In research, it was found that people looking for custom products are ready to pay 15-20% more. Delivering customized products to their users can increase their customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Human beings tend to get bored with similar product or lifestyle. They always want something new. The brands which offer something unique and attractive always gather a large amount of customer base.

Understanding the user’s goals and needs helps the company make a product wherein customers can make full use of the product. Today starting from streaming services to every product, companies are providing customization, and with this small customization, they are earning hell lot of money.

If you are looking for a customized product, you can read our Youbaok com Reviews.

What is Youbaok com?

It is a website that sells personalized products. The first glance of the website isn’t beautiful. At starting, you will be a little confused about the offering the site is providing.

They have a total of 16 products in their portfolio. But it is very difficult to say what category they are providing personalized products? They have mentioned in their ‘about us’ section that customizes any product a customer can think.

Their index has various sections like ‘about us,’ FAQs, contact us, shipping information, return, etc. they do not have any information about the website owner, making the site suspicious.

For Youbaok com Reviews, we only found 16 unique products, and the category of the product look undefined.

The price of the product ranges from $9 to $50. The payment can be made through PayPal for express shipping and standard shipping visa, American Express, etc.


  • URL-
  • E-mail-
  • Address-(4/4a Bloomsbury square), United States, (WC2W 1RP)
  • Shipping- within 3days of purchase
  • Return- within 7days of receiving the order
  • Refund- no specific time
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, visa, American express 

Pros of Youbaok com 

  • Dedicated page for return policy.
  • Free express shipping over $39

Cons of Youbaok com

  • Xpress shipping only via Paypal 
  • No Youbaok com Reviews on their website
  • No information available on any search engines
  • No proper information on refund
  • Every product is unique, which confuses the category of the products.
  • The topmost layout of the website is repulsive.

Is Youbaok com legit?

The website is around 2.5 years old. It has a valid SSL connection, but we cannot judge the website’s legitimacy just with these factors. It has an ‘about us’ section, but there is no information about the owner.

It has presence over Facebook, but just after you scroll the page, there are absolutely no reviews about their products. Being a brand that sells personalized products, customer review becomes a critical criterion to judge its offering.

WOT is a kind of browser plugin where thousands of user rate the websites and products. It has no WOT trust rating. Alexa is a popular service to rate website popularity. According to Alexa, the website has low traffic.

The website has a rank of 4,046,482, which is a large number. A website with a lot of traffic is considered under 500.

We did a lot of groundwork and did not find any Youbaok com Reviews in any of the websites or search engines. These factors play an essential role in checking the legitimacy of the website.

After summing up all the information, we can say that the website is suspicious and raises a red alert to its user.

Customer reviews

After doing a lot of research, we did not find any Youbaok com Reviews in any search engines or websites. They have a dedicated Facebook page, but they have fewer followers on their page.  

Being a website that provides customized products, there were no reviews available is a big question on the website.

Final verdict

Based on the research and information we gathered, we did not find any Youbaok com Reviews, which lead us to the fact that the website is a scam.

The only positive factor about the website is that they are more than two years old. But just one factor cannot decide the legitimacy. There are a lot of factors that come into play.

Since all the information available was inadequate and improper; thus, we would dishearten our users to buy from this website or they can research more to make any buying decision.

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  1. Horrible!!! Spent $60.00 on an animatronic and got a hanging pumpkin worth less than $5.00. Definitely not what they advertised. Scam scam scam!!!

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