Ximeness Reviews (March 2021) Is This A Legit Website?

Ximeness Reviews 2021

Ximeness Reviews (March 2021) Is This A Legit Website? >> This article will inform you about the Website claiming to have the best quality and low-priced products.

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In our articles, we have often mentioned that customers need to refer to the website reviews before placing any orders with them. In this article below, you will discover some facts about Ximeness.coman online website established to serve its targeted customers. 

The United Statesbased residents frequently search for the Website’s reviews to reveal whether it is a safe platform to shop from or just a scam!

 We have done thorough research on the Website and have revealed some facts of the same below. Scroll to get the information to reveal whether it Is Ximeness Legit or not!

What is Ximeness.com?

Ximeness is an online webstore dealing with ladies’ dresses, lingerie’s, mini dresses, mesh dresses and many other options. They have mentioned in their About us page that the platform was discovered back in 2012 and had a retail sales specialisation to serve the women with the best products they need.

They have also mentioned that they aim to serve their customers with high quality and low-cost products, along with professional customer service. They have also mentioned that they offer the best deals and discount offers to their users.

Please scroll down the article below to know more about Ximeness Reviews, its specifications, pros and cons for better clarity.

Specifications of Ximeness.com:

  • Website: Deals with Women’s dresses and lingerie’s.
  • Email: cs@ximeness.com
  • Address: Vankin Company Limited, Bloomsbury Square, Grater London.
  • Contact Number: Not Mentioned on the Webpage.
  • Shipping Time: 3-7 Days after order placement.
  • Shipping Cost: Free Shipping on orders above $79.
  • Delivery: Typically, within two weeks of order placement.
  • Returns: The company offers a 14-Day Return Policy.
  • Exchange: Only in case of defected products.
  • Refund: Within a certain number of days.
  • Cancellation: Accepted Only before the product is shipped.
  • Mode of Payment: AMEX, Master Card, PayPal and VISA.

These were some of the specifications of the Website. Refer to the sections below to know more about Ximeness Reviews

Positive aspects of the Website:

  • They have mentioned all the detailed information about their products.
  • The Website can also be spotted on Social Media Platforms.
  • They have mentioned all the information for their shipping and return policies.

Negative Aspects of the Website:

  • Contact Number of the platform are missing from the webpage.
  • The Website’s reviews are not mentioned over the web.
  • The Website is not too old to be established.

Is Ximeness Legit?

 We analyze certain factors before revealing the authenticity of the Website. Our team has reviewed all these factors for Ximeness.com and discovered some points that act as the base for legitimacy.

  • Domain Age: The domain of the Website was registered around three months ago, which says that the site is too new to be judged.
  • Website’s Popularity: Due to the recent launch, the Website is not very popular yet amongst its customers.
  • Social Media Appearance: The Website is available on Facebook but has only minimal followers and likes over there, and the page was also created in December 2020.
  • Trust Score: The rust score of the Website is too low to be trusted, which is only 1%.
  • Ximeness Reviews: Links directing to the reviews of the Website are missing yet. This might be because of the new launch, that not many people are aware of it.
  • Available Information: We are not able to find many links over the internet appraising the Website. Some of the links available are also not in its favour.
  • Duplicate Content: The Website’s content is 100% Unique and not copied from other pages.
  • Website’s Policies: they have mentioned detailed information for all their policies over on their webpage.
  • About Us Page: About Us page of the Website has all the essential information, but they have mentioned that the platform is existing since 2012, whereas its domain age doesn’t agree to it.

Ximeness Reviews:

After deeply going through all the links, we can share with our reader that there are not many links directing to the Website’s reviews. Some of the links available also referred not to the Website and marked the platform unsafe and suspicious.

Thus, according to our research, the Website is not very popular due to its recent launch. There might be the possibility that they are trying to establish themselves.

We must hence wait for a while to get honest reviews from the customers.

Final Verdict:

After closely researching all the United States based Website’s facts and details, we can say that the Website is not very popular amongst its targeted customers due to the recent launch. We have mentioned all the relevant facts in this article about Ximeness Reviews

Its domain age was registered only three months ago, so there is not much information available over the internet yet.

We suggest our reader wait for a while until we fetch some genuine links for its reviews. 

 Have you ordered from the Website yet? Do let us know your views in the comments section below for clarity.

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