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This post on “Write For Us + “”NFT Blog””” guides the readers about the instructions of a guest post for our website. If you do not know the complete details, kindly read it.

Do you wish to write for online sites? There are many online content publishing websites that invite applications from contributors. Smoothcreationsonline.com also accepts such informative posts from the contributors on niches like “Write For Us + “”NFT Blog””” and many others. So, if you want to know our accurate writing method, kindly check out our post and join our team.

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About Smoothcreationsonline

Our website works with several experts and contributors with years of content writing experience. The contributor researches and prepares content on sports, weather, bitcoin, NFT, technology, product reviews, entertainment, science, wellness, fitness, politics, international updates, website reviews, celebrities, health, industry, treatment, books, and other day-to-day updates. We accept informative and authentic content from contributors to inform readers about daily updates and current events.

Tips and tricks to write the “Write for Us NFT.

You might struggle while writing a guest post for us. But, if you are worried about the norms that our company follows, you should not worry. We will help you by telling you the knowledgeable guidelines. Kindly read them:

  • One must stick to the word limit. The content cannot be less than 500 words. The maximum length can be 1000 words.
  • After winding 80 percent of the guest post, you must paste an external link that should be highlighted in green, and it should be bold.
  • Check the spam score of the added external link. We can tolerate a 2-3 percent count. 
  • If you have complete knowledge of the Write For Us NFT Blog Guest Post, you can send the guest post. We want sincere contributors. 
  • A 98-100 percent grammar score must be calculated on the content. You should attach a screenshot of the score with your write-up. 
  • Highlight and bold the keyword with Blue colour. It must be used at a fixed word gap of 90-110. 
  • Use the plagiarism checker tool to avoid any plagiarism. It should not show even a single percent plagiarized content.
  • It would be better if your write-up showed a 90 percent readability score. 
  • Do not use false or offensive linguistics to obstruct peace among the people.

What topics should a contributor choose?

  • Write For Us + NFT Blog
  • What does NFT mean?
  • Uses of NFT

One should choose a simple but appealing headline. It can gain the attention of the readers. One can choose and take ideas from the topics mentioned above. If you want to make your title, you are free to create it. There is no hindrance from our side.

Reason to choose us

Our team members work day and night to give authentic information to our readers. On the other hand, we help new contributors who have not gained much experience yet. We always guide you if you face any problem while writing on NFT Blog “”Write For Us””” or any other guest posts. 

The contributors get mass attention from worldwide readers. It will give them a special privilege as the maximum number of readers will notice your work. At the same time, if any publisher likes your work, they will contact you for other tasks. 

Contact Us

All sincere and interested contributors are welcome to contact our experts for answers to their questions. We are available 24/7 to help you. If you have unpublished content that matches our guidelines, you can send it to braydenwilson763@gmail.com.

The contributors should start researching on “Write For Us + “”NFT Blog””” and start writing for our page. We will be happy if you have chosen us to start your career. Once we have received the guest post, our team members will notify you after reading it. If our team finds it suitable and appealing, we will post it within 24 hours. But we will also notify you once we have uploaded it. 


Summing up this post, our experts have shared all the desired information on the tricks to writing the content. If the contributors have in-depth information on NFT  and find our page, Smoothcreationsonline.com, suitable for publishing content, then only you must send the “Write For Us + “”NFT Blog”””. Still, if you are unclear on any point, you can ask your doubts anytime. We are always ready to help you.

What are your suggestions on guest post writing? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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