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Worterris Reviews [May] Is It A Trustworthy Site?

Worterris Reviews 2020

Worterris Reviews [May] Is It A Trustworthy Site? -> Read here to know whether we can buy cheap and good-quality products online.

Everybody likes to spend time in nature. But can everybody survive without any functional tools in a forest or a hill? 

Camping and trekking are two outdoor activities that take a lot of time to reach the final destination. With such a long journey, one should always have ideal tools, clothing, and accessories to survive both mild and harsh climatic conditions. Worterris Reviews will help you find the right products for your outdoor and recreational activities. Here, you will read the details about the site and how it functions in the United State.

Your research for the clothing, tools, and accessories is over right here. Come with us to know the facts about Worterris.

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What is Worterris

It is an online store that sells Worterris Camping Chair, toys, tools, clothing, and many other products. Being based in the United State, the products have inspirational-designs by the city’s oceans and calm breeze. The site has every product that will fulfill our requirements at least prices. We can travel without experience any troubles if we have the mentioned good-quality products. Will we receive the products, as shown in the pictures? Is Worterris is a scam or legit site? Let’s find out the answers.

Specifications of Worterris:

  • Website type: Multi-utility and outdoor-activity products
  • Shipping period: 2-4 days
  • Delivery time:  10-20 days
  • Return: Applicable within 45 days
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Order cancellation: Applicable unless the product is not shipped or packed 
  • Exchange: Applicable 
  • Contact number: Not Found
  • Company address: Meledo Company Limited, Greater London, 107-111 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB, United Kingdom
  • Payment Mode: PayPal

Is Worterris Legit? 

The site has a designer and versatile product offering at reasonable prices. It mentions that shipping is free above 40$ order. The deals on this website is desirable and hard to find on any other online store. We have the company’s address and email ID to contact them. More importantly, we can even find Car rooftop, Sofa bed, functional knife, and much more to help us in our camp and trekking. 

Benefits of Buying from Worterris:

  • Well explained policies on delivery, shipping, return, order cancellation, exchange and refund
  • No additional cost involved in terms of return 
  • Online payment feature
  • Attractive deals and offers
  • Highly functional tools
  • A trendy and comfortable clothing range

Drawbacks of Buying from Worterris:

  • No contact number mentioned.
  • Shipping charge is not mentioned
  • Unorganized website layout
  • The company’s address is similar to various scammed websites.

What does Google say About Worterris?

When we search for, we find articles that counterclaim its legitimacy. Due to this reason, we cross-check every minute detail to give you a well-informed insight. We find that the company’s address is similar to different scamming websites; the product description is copy-pasted; the site layout is poorly designed, and we do not have any phone number to contact and talk to a real person. 

The site counterclaims its return address and email ID by claiming neither one of these are available for any other purpose but return and exchange, only if they consider our reasons appropriate. 

Final Words

As per the research, the site’s address is similar to different online stores that are certified as a scam. Many sites are working under the name MELEDO COMPANY LIMITED, for example, RileysStore, iCreationStore, Paynem, and much more. We find no reviews directly posted under the products, and neither on other websites makes us question the legitimacy.  


The website has a poor layout that confuses us to search as per the category. It also does not feature any website security that makes our personal and bank information prone to cyber theft. Worterris has only six months of website validity, which does not convince us to trust it with our money and personal details. Moreover, the site itself claims that the company’s address is not valid for returning our ordered products. This information does not deny the points as mentioned earlier that say Worterris is a scam


Why would a company not accept the return on its address? Is not this information hard to digest? What’s more, all the details on the products copy and pasted from similar scam websites. According to us, it is safe to buy from a legit website by paying a little extra rather than risking our bank and personal data. What is your point of view on this? Do let us know.

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  1. Do not buy from Worterris. They are advertising false products on their website. I ordered the luxury camping chair and I received something that looks nothing like the pictures online. When I asked for the correct chair they wanted me to pay to ship the wrong chair back. Terrible customer service.

  2. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered a reclining, rocking, camp chair with foot rest for $65 and this is what they sent…
    A basic chair with no arm rests or foot rest that would’ve cost 10 dollars at Walmart! Total scam!!!

    1. I had the same exact issue.!! 😡 They’re asking me to take photos of the chair I received so they can “compare” chairs. Mine is NOTHING like the chair they advertised. It looks like a child’s chair. I doubt it will hold an adult for very long. The chair also doesn’t even fit the base. I’m so upset!!!

  3. Total scam! Do not buy from WORTERRIS! I’m contacting a lawyer. Better business bureau will also be contacted. At this point it’s theft of my money.

  4. These chairs are not what they are advertised to be I ordered three of the luxury camping chairs paid over $65 got a $10 chair not luxury chairs scam scam scam do not buy

  5. I too was scammed…ordered the swinging chair, and got a small folding chair that is in no way what I ordered. They have been back and forth with me over email, first offering a 10% refund, then 15%, then 20%. I have repeatedly replied that I will pay $25 for what they sent, so they need to refund $40 to me since this is completely on them.

    1. Same exact experience…. I sent the chairs back anyway…. for $11.50 UPS for 2 chairs…. and I’m fighting for a full refund from PayPal now.

  6. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE! I ordered camping chairs and thought I was getting the hammock chairs as advertised. But when they showed up a month later, they were nothing like the ad. I complained and they responded with if I send them back, it is 20usd my fee to do that. I should just gift them to a friend or sell them to someone who wants them. Worst company ever! That was a waste of $200.00. And now I have to change my card number so they don’t sell my info. I ordered these off Facebook. I guess Facebook does not care who puts ads on there website. Very disappointed.

  7. I whole heartedly agree. When I emailed they said they shipped what I ordered and the pictures had not been updated. Good luck with the lawyer. It is theft but I feel nothing can be done about it. Other than have even less trust in people mov9ng forward.

  8. DO NOT BUY from here! The company sends all their products from China so you can not return the without spending even more money! They falsely advertise their products and send you something completely different. Customer Service is horrible, they just send canned email messages that don’t resolve anything.

  9. My story is the same as all the others. The products are falsely advertised. I received a child’s chair in comparison to the one pictured online. I continue to get the run around when it comes to returning this chair to get my money back. Complete and total scam. The price of the chair and quality that you receive is SO completely ridiculous! STAY AWAY from this company!

  10. Ugh! Why didn’t I research this company before I got totally scammed!!! I saw the ad on Facebook and thought it was safe to order. Just like everyone else on here, I ordered the swing chair and received 2 months later a ridiculous stick chair… now I am back and forth with emails demanding my money back and they are not sending my money back and are telling me I have to pay to ship back the chair I didn’t order!!!!

  11. I ordered a chair that swings. They sent me a regular stationary chair. When questioned they told me that the one I ordered was their “testing materials” (whatever that means) and that they sent me their “hot selling product” instead. They never asked if I wanted an alternate chair, they just made the decision for me and expected me to pay the return shipping. We e-mailed back and forth many, many times with all of the responses being similar and they never answered my questions. Do not buy from this company. You will regret it.

  12. La même mésaventure pour moi! j’ai commandé une chaise de luxe et j’ai reçu un pauvre petit fauteuil de jardin qui n’a rien à voir avec celui commandé!
    Pas moyen de se faire rembourser en plus

  13. I was scammed by WORTERRIS with Facebook promoting this company and Paypal being happy to side with them in a dispute opened telling them a completely inferior, incorrect product was received. After searching and finding that probably thousands of others have been scammed by these same people: Christine Bill/ Gary Honwin email and their numerous company names like Worterris, irrperb, pottabs, Zhixin trading co, and probably hundreds of other names, I wanted to write a post that explains how I got my refund from Paypal.

    PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CALL PAYPAL AND DON’T STOP CALLING UNTIL YOU GET SOMEONE ON THE PHONE. Be very clear that this is a scam and these people are criminals. The Paypal agent I spoke with changed my dispute in my favor and told me to file a claim on with the FBI. Once I did this and uploaded proof to paypal, they refunded my $66.94 for this stupid, piece of garbage chair I received.

    DO NOT TRY TO CONTACT THE COMPANY THAT SCAMMED YOU. These people are violent criminals. I found a # to call them on one of the review sites and they gained access to my computer, hacking in to my accounts and it was terrifying. They will stop at nothing to scam everyone and the unfortunate thing is that FACEBOOK & PAYPAL are happy to support them in doing so. We must let Paypal know that it is unacceptable to side with a criminal company asking the scammed buyer to pay for shipping back to China for a product that we did not order.

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