Wimkin Reviews (Sep 2020) – Let Us Talk About It!

Wimkin Reviews

Wimkin Reviews (Sep 2020) – Let Us Talk About It! >> This article tells you about a social media platform where you can freely express your opinions.

Wimkin Reviews: Suppose you’re looking for a social media platform where you don’t have to think twice about expressing your opinions in fear of receiving hate or getting your post deleted. In that case, there’s a social media platform that you might like; it’s called Wimkin. They claim to be an uncensored social media platform. 

Some reviews tell us that they do not remove any posts on their forum, and users are free to express their opinions without any restrictions. Unlike other social media that continuously remove posts that might express hate or criticism towards others, Wimkin doesn’t do that. 

For this reason, they’ve become quite popular in several countries, including the United States. Users can freely express their concerns and opinions on this platform. 

If you want to know more about this social media platform, keep reading this article as we’re going to reveal all the relevant information.

What is Wimkin?

Wimkin is a social media platform that was created recently. Jason Sheppard developed it. Wimkin Reviews tell us that they claim to be an ideal social media platform. The reason they’ve been gaining popularity is that they’re a free and uncensored platform. Users don’t have to worry about their posts getting deleted. 

Their interface is also clean, and the website is effortless to use. They also have mobile applications for all major platforms like Android, iOS, etc. Their popularity is on a continuous rise in countries like the United States.

Is Wimkin a Safe Platform? 

According to several Wimkin Reviews, an uncensored social media platform has various downsides and some benefits. Let’s find out if this platform is safe.

  • As far as their legitimacy is concerned, they seem to be authentic.
  • By not censoring posts, some hate posts will not be taken down.
  • If you use social media to connect with your friends, it’s not the ideal platform.
  • False news is more likely to circulate on this platform as they don’t take down posts.

Customer Reviews

This platform has gained a reasonable amount of popularity. It was easy to find customer Wimkin Reviews. The response was positive, with a fair amount of adverse reactions as well.

Users were impressed with the simplicity and minimalism of this platform. Users also noted and commented that it was similar to other popular social media platforms. 

Negative responses raised concerns regarding the rules and regulations of this platform. Users also called it outdated and inferior compared to a majority of other platforms.

Final Verdict

Deleting posts containing hate speech and posts containing false information is essential. To make social media platforms a safe and friendly platform to use, these steps are crucial. 

A social media platform like Wimkin, which doesn’t remove posts, is ideal for users who have strong opinions to express that isn’t suitable for other platforms. It’s not the platform for users who want to connect with their friends and family. 

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0 thoughts on “Wimkin Reviews (Sep 2020) – Let Us Talk About It!

  1. Will not let me sign in to my profile says My email is wrong and is happening to a lot of my other profile friends can anybody explain

    1. Karen this is happening all the time on Wimkin. I personally don’t think it’s a legit social media platform platform. Yes I know the developer keeps saying the big techs keep hacking him,I beg to differ. There are other new social media platforms out there that are FREE SPEECH,but they aren’t having these problems. The social media platform that I really like is called Lyfeloop. Yes it has a layout like Facebook. You can create pages/groups on it. It also has a market. And no issues with my account. You may want to try out Lyfeloop. I finally deleted my Facebook account,after 11 years ?

  2. WIMKIN seems to me not ligit! I’ve been a user on it for a week or so, then when having glitches on it, it was shit down cause WIMKINs owner said they were hacked but would be fixed…can’t get in can’t get a response from owner BEWARE DONT out personal information on it! I can’t get in to remove

  3. Wimkin is amazing! Finally a platform that we can’t be censored under a Nazi platform like Facebook who sold out the American people and sold their data 2 the world. EVERYONE is migrating over to Wimkin from Facebook

  4. WOW!!! I love it! Try it guys and see for yourselves. It is perfect! Absolutely no nudity or porn allowed. And of course they will DELETE any such content if it gets posted. It is so much better than FB!!! You can even write your own blogs. And no need to send an image of your DL like Parler, just to chat it up with someone. It is definitely worth switching over. See you there!

  5. Seems like they shut WIMKIN down, tried to get on and it said site can not be reach. When I first join WIMKIN owners said they were being hack and harass. I can only guess that Facebook and Twitter and Google don’t like us communicating with each the truth of what’s happening in our country. Cause Facebook has censored anything that is not in agreement to their agenda.

  6. I was a victim of Wimkin. This social media platform is horrible. The developer,Jason Sheppard claims the big techs keep hacking Wimkin. I beg to differ,there are new social media platforms out with FREE SPEECH,but this isn’t happening elsewhere! People go on Wimkin and create accounts,next thing you know you can no longer get in and if you are lucky enough to get in,your profile is wiped clean. This is happening to so many people. I have found a new social media platform with FREE SPEECH! It does have a layout like Facebook. You can create pages/groups on it. It also has a market. And guess what no issues with logging in and disappearing profiles. The social media platform is called Lyfeloop. You can also download the app in google play or the App Store. I have finally deleted Facebook and moved on to Lyfeloop. So if you are tired of Facebook with all the censoring crap going on,come to Lyfeloop.

  7. Yes there were some problems initially with Wimkin because they had some major attacks. It’s relatively new. I think it started in July 2020. And it was and I think still is in the beta stage. Everything is fine now. I have had no problem with it lately. I like it.

    There are a number of groups. I belong to a gardening, photography & art groups.

  8. This platform is absolutely fantastic most of the time, when it isn’t being attacked by it’s haters. If you value your constitutional rights, so does most of it’s users. I prefer my freedom over nazi control !!!

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