Who Owns antifa.com Domain (Jan) Know The Fact Here!

Who Owns antifa.com Domain 2021

Who Owns antifa.com Domain (Jan) Know The Fact Here! -> Are you satisfied with Joe Biden’s victory and inauguration? Know the controversial news in our post to understand how anti-fascists are targeting him.

After Biden’s inauguration, the conservative characters are reiterating an ancient disinformation crusade encompassing “Who Owns antifa.com Domain“. When you go to Antifa website, you will see that the URL currently redirects you to the official White House’s site. 

Does it imply that the Biden organization possesses the domain? Is an authorized Antifa person displaying his/her support for the new Biden’s administration? The answer to these questions is NO. Why would Joe Biden, the current United State‘s president create a façade for any website? Please think wisely and share your thoughts in the comment section!

What does the news imply?

The “Who Owns the domain antifa.com” does not imply anything, since any individual who possesses any the domain name can divert it to any site. The proprietor need not bother with such connection, permission, or alliance from the white house’s site proprietor to do as such. 

As indicated by the Chronicle’s Way-back Machine, the Antifa domain began sending to Biden’s site, BuildBackBetter(dot)gov at some point recently. On 20th January 2021, the Antifa site started diverting to the official WhiteHouse website. 

What is misinformation?

The equivalent falsehood about Antifa came up in the last mid-year when the URL began sending individuals to Biden’s campaign site. As Mashable brought up then, it does not imply anything. 

Could Biden or somebody associated with the president own the URL? 

Indeed, “Who Owns antifa.com Domain” is conceivable. Could the URL be possessed by a savage or somebody hoping to create a type of debate effectively? It is additionally conceivable since many U.S. people do not support Biden or his government. 

What’s More?

It is not satisfactory right now who claims the area “antifa domain.” The proprietor utilizes security assurance to muddle the contact data in the WHOIS results. Because of it, the domain proprietor is recorded as WhoisGuard, an organization operated by the U.S. domain recorder, Namecheap. 

Nonetheless, it has not halted conservative influencers like Ryan Fournier and Laura Loomer, who have enormous followings on the Telegram platform, from guiding the fans to create the URL. The fans have been spreading falsehood about “Who Owns antifa.com Domain“. They are also trying to tie the Biden organization to an anti-wing group connected to the official site. 

Final Thoughts:

It is imperative to note that there is no official Antifa company. It means no person can even make an Antifa site. The genuine meaning of Antifa is “anti-fascist.” Therefore, the controversial trend is nothing but misinformation to harm the Biden Administration. The controversy is still in the news since the white house officials have not released any statement.

We think it would be better if any white house member comes and shares some light on the truth. Please analyze the controversial information and comment on our “Who Owns the domain antifa.com” article!

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