When Is the Next Year of the Rat {Feb 2021} Do You Know?

When Is the Next Year of the Rat 2021

When Is the Next Year of the Rat {Feb 2021} Do You Know? >> In this article, learn when the rat year will come next time according to the Chinese New Year.

Globally new year is celebrated on 1st January. But according to the lunisolar calendar, months are dependent on cycles of the moon and the sun. Everyone on the internet asks, When Is the Next Year of the Rat, considering it just ended on 11th February 2021. 

Chinese New Year is one of the Lunar New Year, which comes according to a traditional calendar used in many Asian countries. 

People from the United Kingdom and the United States are pretty much curious about the whole concept. So, let’s clear everything in this article.  

What is the Chinese New Year?

The ancient lunisolar calendar was introduced in the 14th century BCE. It depends on the sun’s position and moon’s phases; therefore, the date never remains the same every year. 

It is also called as Spring Festival. There are 12 zodiac signs in their culture which follow a 12-year cycle. 

When Is the Next Year of the Rat in Chinese New Year?

The 12 zodiac signs consist of twelve animals, which repeat in a sequence. Rat is the first one in this cycle. The sequence’s order is as follows – 

  • The first is Rat
  • The second  is Ox
  • The third is Tiger
  • The fourth is Rabbit
  • The fifth is Dragon
  • The sixth is Snake
  • The seventh is Horse
  • The eighth is Goat
  • The ninth is Monkey
  • The tenth is Rooster
  • The eleventh is Dog
  • The twelfth is Pig

Rat year comes in every 12 years. Following are the rat years: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, and 2020. The rat year started from 25th January 2020 till 11th February 2021. 

From 12th February 2021 onwards, we are going to celebrate the Ox year. 

When Is the Next Year of the Rat, and what’s the story?

The next time people from the United Kingdom, and the United States along with  the whole world will see the rat year after twelve years from 2020, i.e., 2032. There’s a famous Chinese legend that explains the ranking of these animals. 

According to their arrival at his birthday party, the supreme deity Jade Emperor once decided to order zodiac animals conferring to their arrival time. The hardworking animal Ox departed early. However, it is said that the Rat hid inside the ear of the Ox. It jumped down on arrival and grabbed the first place. 

Do zodiac signs speak the personality of a person?

We have already answered the question When Is the Next Year of the Rat and so, let’s learn about zodiac signs. Each animal represents different personality traits. It is believed that the person born in a particular year inculcates the same personality as the animal. 

People born in the Rat year are quick-witted, optimistic, adapt to the environment quickly, alert, organized, and stubborn.  

Bottom Line

The Rat is associated with Earthly Branch “Zi,” taken as Shui (Water) among five elements and is a Yang in Ying Yang. 

Along with personality characteristics, it also states the lucky number, lucky colors, etc., which many people follow. It depends upon people if they believe in such predictions or not. 

2032 is the answer to When Is the Next Year of the Rat. This year we are celebrating the Ox year. 

What’s your animal of the year? Tell us in the comment section. 

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