Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes (March 2021) Game Details Here

Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes 2021

Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes (March 2021) Game Details Here >> The write-up exclusively mentions how patches make changes game to make it more attractive to the players.

Is Call of Duty your favorite video game? If yes, you must have heard about the release of new warzone patch notes. 

The famous video game developer Raven Software has decided to release the Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes for more updates to the game.

Video game players of the United States are eager to know more about these patch notes. This news will help them to get a better understanding of the patch notes.

Knowing Raven Software

Raven Software, founded in 1990, is one the most popular US-based video game developer. In May 2013, the company released the famous game Call of Duty in collaboration with Infinity Ward. 

Recently the company has made an update about the release of the latest patch notes. Raven Software has released a list of official warzone patch notes. 

What do you know about Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes?

Every online video game player must take note of the new warzone patch notes. The new patch version is 1.34, which will make further updates to the game Call of Duty. The update size of the 1.34 version is as follows. 

  • 52.0 GB for play station 5
  • 52.0 GB for play station 4
  • 57.8 GB for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
  • 57.8 GB for Xbox one
  • 52.4 GB for PC only for Warzone and 133.6 GB for Warzone and modern Warefare

Understanding the full patch notes

Video game players need to know the details of Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes. The General Patch notes are Fixed Dev Error 6634 for Xbox and Fixed subtitles for Beck, Sims, and Garcia.

The gameplay has also got the necessary changes which are mentioned below.

  • The tactical map has got updated. Now the players can double-click and place a danger ping. 
  • Players will find it easy to point at exactly what they want when the items are near each other.  
  • The text from “Delete Pings” has got changed to “Remove My Pings.” 

Updated weapons

Players will also feel great to notice the updated weapons. Players now can enjoy the enhanced recoil magnitude of Cold war AUG. The cold war weapons got unlocked due to Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes and now look accurate in the report after the action.  

Changes in the attachments and downloads

With the release of new patches, players will now notice necessary changes to the attachments too. The suppressor muzzle will start displaying the muzzle flash concealment as an expert.  

Players of the United States will now enjoy smooth zoom or variable zoom scopes, which will mount on the vertical walls properly. 

With these patches, the download size of the warzone will become more than 50 GB. Many players think that can cause server problems. 


Raven software confirms that once downloaded, the total size of the warzone will get reduced. Hence, players can enjoy the game better. 

Are you waiting for Warzone 1.34 Patch NotesDo you want to know more about these patches? Please share your outlook in the box mentioned.

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