Why Using a Vpn at Home Is Necessary, According to Redditors?

How to Using Using a Vpn at Home Is Necessary

A virtual private network, also known as a VPN, has always been known to be quite sketchy or a privacy tool that only tech-savvy people or hackers use. However, with the new technological era, VPNs have received more acknowledgment and have been adopted by various people for multiple purposes.

VPNs have a variety of advantages, ranging from being completely protected on a public Wi-Fi network to securing your online activities. However, there are quite some benefits of using a VPN at home.

According to Redditors, it’s necessary to use a VPN at home. Your internet network at home is likely protected through a Wi-Fi password. But, a passcode is never enough to depend on your privacy. Passwords can easily be guessed and hacked. This is why you always need a VPN to shield all your online activities at home.

If you’re looking for a VPN for home, what better choice than opting for a top-rated VPN by Redditors. But, if you’re still confused, then let’s look into all the reasons why one needs a VPN to use at home:

Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN at Home As Per Redditors

There are multiple reasons to use a virtual private network at home. While all Redditors had their own opinions and experiences to share, we compiled a few significant reasons why one requires using a VPN at home:

  • Protect yourself from the prying eyes of ISP:

You should be knowing by now that internet service providers (ISPs) can track and monitor everything you do online. Many users think that connecting to HTTPS websites will protect them from constant monitoring. If that’s what you think as well, then you’re absolutely wrong.

Internet service providers can track everything you’re doing. The sites you’re visiting, the movie you’re streaming, the files you’re downloading, and much more. In fact, the internet privacy rules of the US allow ISPs to collect and even sell their data.

To keep all this information private and completely confidential, you need a VPN service to use at home. This will prevent your ISP from snooping into your connection and collecting your data.

A smart option is to get a VPN that can be configured on your home router. This way, your entire connection would be encrypted instead of a single device.

  • Enjoy geo-restricted streaming services while sitting on your couch:

Getting a VPN isn’t all about protecting yourself. You can also do something fun with it. What? You can unblock all streaming services that are restricted in your region. 

Confused? Well, not every streaming service is available across the world. Let’s take Hulu’s example. Hulu is a US-based streaming service, offering tons of content titles, including the infamous The Handmaid’s Tale. However, the sad part is that the streaming service is not available anywhere else in the world, except for the US.

So, if you live in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, or anywhere else, then you’d be unable to enjoy Hulu’s content on a big screen in your country – unless you use a VPN.

  • Increase security on your network while working remotely:

You must’ve seen all over the internet that the cyberattacks had heightened during the pandemic. That’s because employees were working remotely and accessing the office network using their insecure connections.

This situation led to data breaches all over the world. This is when organizations acknowledged the use of VPNs. To protect their entire networks from data breaches, they encouraged remote employees to use VPNs. 

And that is exactly why you need one at home. With the increasing innovations in cyberattacks, you don’t know when you can be next. So, Covid or not, you should always keep your network encrypted at all costs.

  • Encrypt your device in case of a shared network:

If you live in an apartment and your landlord offers free Wi-Fi connection as an incentive to you and all the other residents in the building, then you need to understand that just like your internet service provider, your landlord can also keep tabs on the activities you’re performing over the internet.

While free Wi-Fi may not be something you’d want to compromise on, you can always subscribe to a VPN service and use it on all your devices connected to the same network. The VPN will add an extra layer of privacy to your connection, and you can enjoy accessing any site you prefer without any worries.


This ends our guide with all the reasons why one needs a VPN service at home. Not only do you need a virtual private network to stay secure and anonymous, but you can also get one and enjoy all the geo-blocked sites that are unavailable in your region.

However, please note that you shouldn’t opt for just any VPN service you prefer. Instead, you should opt for a VPN recommended by Redditors to stay safe at home.

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