Voterrecords Com (Dec 2020) Check your Uploaded Data.


Voterrecords Com (Dec 2020) Check your Uploaded Data. > In this article, you read about a site breaching public privacy.

Do you remember the enormous data breach that affected the United States in 2015? The site Voterrecords com is up and running to date and claims to provide accurate data for research purposes!Read on for more information on the same.

What is

Voterrecords comis a website that provides you with updated data on all voters. They claim it to be a public right to access and inspect such data.The site also claims to provide factual data for research purposes.

The first to report on this site was researcher Chris Vickery in 2015. From then till now, despite a registered address, the database owner has not been traced. The data continues to be public. It was suspected that the data source was Nation Builder, but nothing could be proven.

Is Legal?

Voterrecords com has argued on several forums and platforms about its legitimacy. The organization is not certified by Better Business Bureau, and several citizens have registered complaints with BBB regarding the site.

The organization is registered at 2700 NW 8th St. Doral, FL 33172, i.e., it is operating out of Florida, continues to claim legitimacy. They argue that the data is available for public viewing by the government. They have only taken that data and compiled it for better usage.

They have even compared themselves to the Telephone Directory or the White Pages claiming necessary demographic information like name, address, phone number, age, sex, DOB, etc. have always been public and obtainable. They have just made it simpler. The only thing not on the website are social security numbers.

How to have your data removed?

In case someone wants to remove their data from the site, two ways can be taken.

One, if the United States government exempts you from the public display of your personal information, the document with the order can be mailed to Voterrecords com from their “Contact Us” page.

Or you can use the “Opt-out” feature at the bottom of the page of every listed profile page. Once you pres opt-out, the site sends you an email for verification. Once verified, the data is deleted from the site.

What are people saying?

There is a mixed feeling with regards to Voterrecords com. While some people are okay with it, the majority of the citizens are in alarm.

BBB has received close to 60 complaints in the last two years from citizens wanting their data removed from the site, citing a breach of privacy. Several have also claimed that their data was not deleted despite choosing “Opt-out.”


Voterrecords com compiled all the public data available from the government and posted them together on a website without any consequence. The data breach has affected some 191 million voters of and continues to thrive without any action.

There have been reports of the data being auctioned as well. Moreover, this data serves hay to stalkers and abusers and should be removed. It is disheartening that the government has not yet taken steps.

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