Votefordonaltrump Com {Oct 2020} Know Whom To Vote!

Votefordonaltrump Com

Votefordonaltrump Com {Oct 2020} Know Whom To Vote! >> If you are looking for reasons why you should not vote for Trump in General elections, read the news.

The general elections of the United States are approaching, and this time the fight is between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The election is in November, and many preparations are going on from the Trump government side. 

We are aware of the government’s websites to bring in volunteers to support Trump in winning this election. With the news that Trump and his first lady are infectious with Corona, there are rumors that this happened as he did not take it seriously.

It’s time to see what will be the effect of this news on the elections. A new website is Votefordonaltrump Com that talks every reason you should not vote for Trump. Let’s see it in detail.

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What is Votefordonaltrump Com?

‘Votefordonaltrump Com’ is a website that provides you with every reason that you should not vote for Donald Trump in the coming election. The website ‘Votefordonaltrump Com’ is trying its best to make people vote in the 2016 elections; around 100 million people did not vote, leading to Trump winning the election. 

Who is the maker of the website?

It is yet unknown who is behind the website’s making, but it is clear that it is the opposition party or one of the voters who do not like Trump and its government. The maker knows that the government is involved in many frauds as it provides information on many such scams.

Reasons not to vote for Donald Trump:

  • Betraying Kurdish Allies
  • Defending Public Schools
  • Demanding Loyalty from FBI Directors
  • Making the United States Number 1 in Covid Deaths
  • Expecting blind Loyalty from Attorney General
  • Attacking a war veteran twice
  • Vote count insecurity
  • Mocking disables news reporter.
  • Ending White House Visitor Log Disclosure
  • Hiding Tax Returns
  • Criticizing Balances
  • Blocking the VoteVets
  • Rolling back the Internet Access Subsidies
  • Using the money of taxpayers for his resorts

Another frauds and scams Trump is involved:

Donald Trump is in the Presidential post since 2016, and the website ‘Votefordonaltrump Com’ tells that in the initial two years, the frauds he is involved in include hiring a criminal campaign manager, holding federal workers hostage, and separating migrant workers from their children. 

Trump is also responsible for silencing EPA employees, spending the tax on his luxury, hiring undocumented workers, campaign finance violations, and witness tampering, asking Ukraine to investigate political rivals, and many more.

Other icons on the website:

The website ‘Votefordonaltrump Com’ also tells that it has links to other websites like register to vote and vote by mail where you can register yourself for voting online. The website is taking all the measures to make sure people vote in these elections.


The final verdict on the website is that this website aims to make people realize that Trump is not the right president. This website’s person is still unknown, but the website rebuilt on 1st October 2020. 

The website ‘Votefordonaltrump Com’ gives a brief of all the wrongdoing that Trump is involved in and want to make sure that all the eligible voters vote this time so that Trump is not on the chair again. 

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