Different Types of Extensions You Can Try to Add More Volume to Your Hair

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Volume to Your Hair: Extensions can help you achieve any look. You can go long or short with these hair products, change up your color, and even have an entirely different texture than your natural hair. The possibilities are endless. 

As innovative as the technology is, it’s pretty impressive what natural human hair extensions can do for your look. So instead of continuing to covet other people’s luscious manes on Instagram, why not try out hair extensions?

What Do Hair Extensions Do?

If your goal is to create fullness and length, these extensions are for you. With different options (and sizes) of wefted hair available at most beauty supply stores, you’ll be able to achieve that long, dreamy mermaid mane in no time — without having to spend thousands on a professional sew-in installation. 

Whether you want a blunt cut, a wavy style, or an ombre look, these extensions have you covered.

Tape-in Extensions

Just like with clip-ins, you can put these on and take them off whenever. Tape-in extensions are that simple (and all you need is some adhesive remover to get it done). Generally made of 100% human hair, these strands are made from “microtubes” that secure the weft hair without damaging your natural hair or scalp. 

And unlike other types of hair extensions (i.e., sew-ins), they’re lightweight and versatile enough for fine and coarse textures alike — the best part? You can curl, straighten, or style as usual.

How Do Tape-in Extensions Work?

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance way to add length, then look no further. These go right in your hair, so it feels like your natural locks (and they come in different textures too). The extensions look natural, and no one will be able to tell that these aren’t all yours. 

Some people even choose to use tape-ins as a temporary option when transitioning from a short style to a long one before eventually going for a sew-in or full weave. If you don’t feel like committing long-term but still want the same luxe results, this might be your best bet.

Keratin Bonded Extensions

Like hair weaves, keratin bonded extensions are where the strands are sewn onto your head. However, these go deeper into your hair to ensure that they’re entirely secure — since you can’t exactly take them out at night (or ever). They secure the weave with keratin glue which fills in any gaps or holes in your natural hair.

How do Keratin-Bonded Extensions Work?

If you want a style that’s destined to last, this is it. It’ll take an entire day for installation, but this type of sew-in will be worth it. Not only does it look seamless, but it feels super lightweight, too (you won’t even know they’re there). 

You can wear this type of hair extension for up to three months (that is, until your keratin glue wears off). But before you make up your mind, keep in mind that this type of installation isn’t exactly cheap — but if you’re looking for tons of length and volume, it’s worth the splurge.

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are precisely what they sound like — you clip them onto your hair. If you’re looking for something easy and versatile, this is the way to go because it’s not permanent (you can try different colors or styles, too). 

These extensions are usually available as contoured wefts made from Remy hair. These strands are connected with a silicone or fabric base. You can clip the strands to your natural hair using built-in clips that can be snapped on and off easily. 

How Do Clip-in Extensions Work?

If you want longer hair, it’s probably worth your time to try these out. You’ll be able to go from short to long in a matter of minutes (which is why it’s so popular among celebrities). 

If you need a lasting effect with your hair extensions, choose the clip-in style. In just 15-20 minutes, you can apply or remove the extension. It has no harmful chemicals and doesn’t require heat. 

You can find them in multiple shades and lengths to suit any style. Buy your clip-in extensions made from Remy Indian hair for the best results. 

These are some common hair extension types for all hair types. Choose one that works for you. And if you need something else, try out options like seamless or ponytail extensions. Seamless extensions are thinner and perfect if you need a blending effect, while ponytail extensions are a great choice for casual styling.

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