Vivisboho Reviews [March 2021] You Must Read Before Order!

Vivisboho Reviews 2020

Vivisboho Reviews [March 2021] You Must Read Before Order! -> In this article, you got to know about a website that claims to sell the best quality products with high-quality services.

Planning to buy the best quality clothes and matching shoes that too on a single website? Your wait is over with Vivisboho Reviews. Read more to know more about the site.

Is it not unusual to find out that you can get dresses, jumpsuits, tops, vintage skirts, sandals and slippers, and accessories all at one place? It’s a call from heaven girls! There is a website that provides you with everything you need to look gorgeous and show off your glamour. 

Many people in the United States have already come across this website, and now it is stepping forward to make a mark in the hearts of more people.

Find out more interesting facts about the website by reading the full content. 

What is Vivisboho?

Vivisboho is an e-commerce store only for women. The company claims to provide the best fashion trends and product quality.

The company mainly deals in dresses, jumpsuits, tops, vintage skirts, sandals & slippers, and accessories. They promise to deliver the products worldwide and also present the complete collections of trendy, creative, and unique designs at

The company provides free shipping above $89. If the customers seek to have their order sooner, they can apply for express shipping at just $14.99. Customers can easily exchange or return the product quickly if they are not satisfied.

Specifications of Vivisboho:

  • URL:  
  • Company: Matte E-commerce Co., Limited
  • Store products: Tops, dresses, jumpsuits, vintage skirts, sandals & slippers, and accessories.
  • Shipping time: 10 to 25 business days.
  • Shipping fee: $8.99. Free shipping above $89.00
  • Express shipping: $14.99
  • Payment: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Giro Pay, Discover, and Bank transfer.
  • Return: Customers can apply for the return within 14 days after the receipt of the product.
  • Exchange: Applicable.
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Email: Address: 48 Charlotte Street, London, Greater London, England, W1T 2NS

Pros of Vivisboho:

  • The company provides the best quality linen dresses with a unique and trendy design.
  • The company offers the best deals and discounts on every product.
  • The company sells the best designer accessories at a reasonable rate.
  • The company gives multiple modes of payments to complete the transactions quickly.
  • They provide a hassle-free exchange and return policy.

Cons of Vivisboho:

  • The website has not provided any contact details of the company for customer support.
  • They have not offered Cash on Delivery option.

What are customers saying about the Vivisboho?

Buyers have the buyer to make the brand as well as flatten it on the ground, based on the quality of services and the goods they have received from the seller.

The brand has not been able to rise as it has failed in making the customers happy by its offerings. The brand has not been able to keep its words and has disappointed the customers who have bought products from their website. Their unhappy response can easily be seen in the reviews they have given about the establishment. 

People are complaining about various aspects of the brand as well as about its website. The company promised to deliver the products in a short period. 

People are getting their deliveries delayed. It is taking more than a month for the customers to receive their ordered product. People are informing me that the company is bringing more than 90 days to deliver the product.

Moreover, the customers have shown agitation towards the poor quality of goods. People are not getting what they have ordered. People are getting other products in place of the ordered ones. 

Furthermore, the company has a severe problem with the customer care services part. People report complains and queries, but the company seems to be least interested in answering them.

Final Verdict of the Vivisboho:

As the readers might have gone through the complete article, they might have an idea of the fact that the website is not able to work with complete efficiency. We want to conclude all the points discussed above.

The website has come up as a complete failure to date. People have mentioned times and filed complaints, but the managing team has taken no action.

The website has worked on necessary certifications like SSL certificate and has made browsing safe. It makes the personal information of the people visiting the site secure. But, the website has not provided the genuine quality of services, which has created a feeling of disappointment among the users. 

Out of the total pool of the customers, there were a few who have praised the website as well, as per the reviews assessed.

Thus, this ultimately becomes the choice of the readers whether to get into a trade with this company or not.

If there is any person among the readers who have a customer of the website, we would like to welcome feedback from them.

0 thoughts on “Vivisboho Reviews [March 2021] You Must Read Before Order!

    1. After 6 weeks and no responses to my emails I received one of the 4 pieces I ordered. It was supposed to be linen but was the thinest cheapest cotton material I have ever seen. Total crap.

    2. This place is a SCAM. I accidentally ordered 2 of the same dress. I emailed and asked for it to be corrected. They immediately refunded the cost of the one dress. HOWEVER, they cancelled the entire order!!!! I have sent numerous emails requesting that the order be filled or my money returned. The responses have been a nightmare!!! I just go in circles with them. I even paid for expedited shipping – I have little hope I will see the order OR have my $100 returned.

  1. It is a complete scam. I have not received anything beyond an order confirmation since placing the order on June 7, and after repeated emails to get a refund or a shipping tracking number, nothing. No response. They are thieves, do not order.

    1. DO NOT ORDER. Complete scam. I ordered more than a month ago and have not received anything. I emailed to cancel my order and demand a full refund. They would not cancel and said I had to pay 15% process fee if I do. No reply as to whether my order even shipped.

  2. Place my order June 15. Only received order confirmation an nothing else! Have tried contacting them but no response!
    Cannot get an update!

      1. Don’t order!!!
        My delivery never turned up. Never heard back from them regarding a refund or resending the item. Just flushed $100 down the toilet.

  3. I bought some dresses for a trip over three weeks ago and I still haven’t received them. I also haven’t received any emails stating they have been shipped and when I email vivisboho service I get no response. How do I even cancel my order now that my trip has come and gone?

    I would NOT recommend buying anything from this internet shopping site! Total FAIL!

  4. SCAM!
    THE FEDS should do something about this company and Media should not let them advertise!

  5. I too placed an order in June (June 13) and have only received confirmation of order and after requesting several updates have heard NOTHING!

  6. I ordered from Vivisboho June 11 and like the others only received a confirmation email and ZERO response to repeated emails. I’m going dispute this with PayPal. Not happy! This is probably a SCAM!!!

  7. Complete scam. Same experience as others above. I placed on order on June 12. I’ve received nothing except the same confirmation email twice. It includes a tracking number, but that number is bogus.

  8. I wish I would of read these comments before I ordered July 5th.
    I also have emailed them but no response.
    Has anyone received there order and if so how long did it take.

    1. I ordered 4 dresses on June 15 th . Recieved on nov. 5 th.
      You will probably get your order by Christmas but they are nothing nothing but crap !

  9. Oh geez, I remember thinking I should check this company out before I order…and now a month later, I got my answer! I too have not received any product, nor a response from the costumer service. What a scam!

  10. I ordered 5 items back in early June too and have received 3 out of 5 so far (after 2 months) .They are completely not as pictured, extremely cheap looking material I have ever seen.

  11. Had to search for their contact email and did have a response but not until 3 weeks later and no direct answer about a tracking no. For the parcel! I waited a month for parcel…complained to PayPal. Placed my order early June 2020. Think they must have sent the parcel from China!! After I complained to PayPal about non-delivery. Parcel-flat packet, China Post by Air from: six warehouse, ShiJing Town, GuangZhou, China.
    Dress looks like the ad but I am not satisfied with the sheer fabric- $5.00 dress in my opinion! And I had to pay in US$ which cost not the advertised price of $25.00 plus shipping. It was over $49.00 to deliver to Canada.
    Be carefull !! The ads are tempting!! I would recomend them as a fraudulent website.

  12. I am so disappointed. Have not received my order either it’s been over a month. $93.00 worth of my hard earned money. Shame on them. I am handicapped. AAm I seingt t hat vivisboho is under another name? They should be sent to jail. One email was answered by Ivy but then the rest were never answered and now – aas if 8/18/20 the emails are non-deliverable to What crap! mail Fraud andd they should be arrested.

  13. This is a SCAM. I ordered product 2 months ago, payment went, but no products have arrived. Whenever I send an email to ‘customer service’ all they come back with is that I may cancel the order but; I have to pay 15% cancellation fee. I believe they are holding this scam business purely on the 15% cancellation fees. I will take action against them.

  14. Concur with those above – this is an absolute scam and the website should be taken down. I place an order on 22 June and never go anything. I sent many emails and finally got a pitiful response at the beginning of Aug. I got an email one week ago saying one item had been shipped but still nothing. I did order 5 dresses and nothing to date. They should be prosecuted.

  15. Very disappointed I ordered the 30th of June, order number VB10214CK, total of 113$ from Toronto. Today is Sept 27, I have emailed customer services more than 6 time, they answered the first 2 times asking to be patient, after that no response at all! TOTAL SCAM!! I lost my $. People need to know about it!!!

  16. GARBAGE! I ordered 5 pieces back in May and I have actually received them now, in October, but they are absolutely terrible. Not true to size, poor quality, super cheap material, and two pieces look nothing like the picture at all. If it’s not too late DO NOT order from them

  17. Same as above. Half of the order placed in June arrived in November, just in time for Canada’s balmy winter. I get it, shipping is delayed these says. But the quality of these „linen” dresses is not excusable by Covid19. Unless by linen they mean cheap thin rayon (one dress) or thin see through cotton that will disintegrate in the washer (the other dress). Still waiting in anticipation for the second half of my order.

  18. Be careful. These scammers sell on another site called cosielinen. Same photos of dresses.
    When they respond to email it is in bad English.
    Seems to be Chinese scammers taking money in $US using covid 19 as an excuse.
    I agree with above. Chinese Crooks.
    Reported to Facebook and Instagram. Why are they still operating 5 months after ripping people off.
    I now know to check all online companies before buying. Lesson learned.
    Got scammed with the ticketing crooks last year.

  19. This is a Chinese company that does not honour what they say on their website. Their products are poorly made and often not the material they state on their website. I would not buy from them !!!!

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