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Very Crate Foot Spa Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine?

Very Crate Foot Spa Reviews

Very Crate Foot Spa Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine? >> This article is meant for those who are looking for an effective feet spa machine.

Our feet are the most tortured body part because it carries our weight all throughout, when we are on them.

Then, how can we neglect them and not care of them properly? We seldom get time to duly sit for a feet care session except in parlors.

Feet care is essential for many reasons, that’s because,

  • It heals from corns, callouses, heel spurs, bunions and hammer toe.
  •  improves blood circulation.
  • Your toenails remain trimmed and free of filth.
  • Improves cracked heels and pain in feet.

Keeping in view, the importance of foot care, let me introduce here, Very Crate Foot Spa. This facility has gained popularity in the United State, so let’s check out the reason behind.

What is Very Crate Foot Spa?

Very Crate Foot Spa is a machine which looks like a tub with electrical connection and is used for soaking your feet. When you soak your feet in, and charge it on, ions are released through electrical impulses which attracts out the toxins out of your full body, which has been stored since years.

This wonder machine actually not only takes care of your feet but also your entire internal mechanism.

How does it work?

The machine is simple to work with. Just connect it to a plug point after filling adequate water. When you switch on the tub, ions or electrical impulses are released which interacts draws or pulls out the toxins from within your body.

The color of the water keeps changing according the waste flushed and ends with a final color that corresponds to the organ which is most filled with toxins. 

Well, this must be sounding a little weird but this is the simplest way of assessing whether the process is working or not?

There’s a booklet that comes handy in the packaging and delightfully, it has a table of color codes that correspond to the organ from which toxins are being removed. 

For, example a dark brown color indicates waste from the liver area while green color water means filth is coming out from the gall bladder.

Who should buy this?

If you are not accustomed to this color coding, then you will be used to the same eventually while the cleansing happens in your very own space.

This is a harmless and a gentle way to flush out all wastes from your whole body. Your body is sure to feel the difference after a few washes.

Very Crate Foot Spa is a boon for ageing adults as with age we tend to gather lot more depositions on our organs in the body. When we fall ill, that’s the time we take medication and seriously wish, alas! we had a preventive.

Why is it famous?

Why wait for such a situation to arise? We can easily kill and flush out the germs and unwanted material that has deposited on our organs, almost daily because this wonder tub is not at all costly to maintain and up keep.

Since, it is an external treatment for the entire body; nothing can be safer than this. Even if the mechanism doesn’t work, it won’t do any harm to you.

One can use the tub while doing other important work. For example, you can dip your feet in lukewarm water and enjoy a movie while your entire body is getting detoxified. How relaxing it sounds, isn’t it?

What are the negative remarks about it?

The only drawback that I see here is how can one be sure that the color change of the water is happening because of the wasteful elements released from the body?

Secondly, we aren’t using any chemical here only the electrical impulses will interact with water to attract the wastes out of the body. That sound good, but what if it draws out useful minerals and vitamins too?

If it was all about the body, then the name shouldn’t be describing ‘foot spa’.


This device is interesting and would be a real good measure to prevent long term diseases that happen in the body due to deposition of toxins.

People who can’t afford expensive medical treatments and are averse to consuming pills for preventing ailments must choose ‘Very Crate Foot Spa’ as an alternative.

For old aged individuals this tub is a boon. People, who lead a hectic life, with no time for themselves to look after their body, must also buy this feet cleaner.

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  1. Lousy company. Who knows of a company that cannot find where their shipment is? Well you just found one. I ordered in March and it is May 9th and they will not respond to my emails but the last time they responded they said to give it a few days. That was over a week ago! DON’T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!

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