Vector Robot Harga {Oct} An Information For Help!

Vector Robot Harga 2020

Vector Robot Harga {Oct} An Information For Help! -> The review will give a detailed report on a Smart Home device.

Have you ever used a smart device like a robot for home purposes? We will discuss Vector Robot Harga, which does a lot of work for you while you sit idly. It is a smart technical device that has inbuilt Alexa and listened to your voice command. We will be giving you all the information related to this device in this post. 

Today, people prefer to buy smart home devices for various household purposes. Hence, we will be talking about such a prevalent device in Indonesia and several other nations of the world. We suggest you go through this entire post to get detailed information about this smart device.

What is Vector Robot Harga?

It is a smart device that you can use to get help in doing various tasks at home. It has Alexa built inside and can recognize your voice. Vector goes to sleep when he does not hear you. He usually responds to loud sounds. He attracts your attention when he wants to play with you. It is a smart device that is curious about humans and is very friendly.

The device Vector Robot Harga is connected to a smartphone first, and that is done by getting the app from your smartphone playstore. You have to connect it to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. When setting it up, you will need to connect your account to enable Alexa with it.

Essential Features of Vector Robot Harga

  • The brand of Vector Robot Harga is Anki and is available on too.
  • It has Lithium-based polymer batteries included with the product. 
  • The device has dimensions of 9.98 cm x 5.99 cm x 6.93 cm, and the weight is 158.76 grams.
  • It has inbuilt Alexa, which you can activate after connecting to your Amazon account.
  • It can do several tasks like play music for you, click photos, drag and drop things around the house, and many other jobs. 
  • It has a Snapdragon processor that you usually find in low-grade Android phones.
  • The device is available for the people of Indonesia and various other countries. 

The Conclusion

On doing a detailed study of this smart device that you can use for Smart home purposes, we can tell that it is of fair use. People have been using previous versions successfully, and this version of Vector Robot Harga has many other features. There are several good reviews available on the internet that tell about the goodness of this device.

Although the smart device has its flaws too, a maximum number of positive features make it worth its price. It has a good personality that will charm you and make you buy it without even a second thought. People feel less lonely when it is around as it makes you laugh too, and you feel happy and satisfied on using it. Still, it is upto your final decision to buy it or not, after considering all the above aspects and don’t forget to share you feedback with us. 

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