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Vchstar online Reviews [July] Is It a Scam Site or Not?

Vchstar online Reviews 2020

Vchstar online Reviews [July] Is It a Scam Site or Not? -> This article will help customers know about a store selling washroom storage shelves and racks at great prices.

Are you looking online for washroom storage shelves in the United States at jawdropping prices? Of course, there are scores of websites that offer this kind of item in a wide range of variants giving you ample stock to choose from as per your requirement. 

In the course of your search, you might have landed on the website, where you saw a vast collection of storage shelves and racks of visibly excellent design and utility. is a newly launched website that is about six months old and is based in Alameda, California, as per the office address provided on the website’s contact page. 

It’s not a rule that every new website is unreliable since the best websites must have also been new at some point in time. Unfortunately, all scam websites are new and wind up in a short time when they have achieved their target, and it’s time to cut and run. 

In this article, we will check Vchstar online Reviews to find answers to the question – Is Vchstar online Legit? That will help you get an idea about the authenticity of this website, and its worth dealing with it. 

What is Vchstar online website? 

Vchstar online Reviews say to begin with, the website was launched barely six months back, which is a tell-tale indication of a site that customers must watch well before going on to make a purchase right away.

It sells washroom storage shelves and racks among a few other items at highly competitive prices ranging from $33 to $44. This may appear too attractive to resist for most customers, but one must do enough research about the seller site before making any purchase. 

The Vchstar website does provide an office address in Alameda, California, along with a phone number and email address, but every smart customer knows that this isn’t enough to claim the tag of a legit website. 

What matters is whether phone calls to the given number or email inquiries to the given email address get you a response. A Google search of the keyword Is Vchstar online Legit would show results wherein people have said that the given phone number and email address is unresponsive. 


  • The website displays a modestly large inventory of washroom storage shelves and racks at attractive prices 
  • Customers have the option to make the payment via PayPal, but that isn’t enough to secure them from a scam 
  • The website displays its full contact details, shipping, returns and exchange, privacy policies, and terms and conditions but no FAQs 
  • The absence of FAQs has made it more difficult for customers especially since the website’s phone and email are known to be unresponsive 

Is the Vchstar online Legit? 

Many experienced customers know that new websites are to be avoided, especially if the response is poor, as in the case of Vchstar. This website is hardly six months old, and its already known to be unresponsive; that’s a red flag for customers. 

The website has embedded the SSL protocol as it is evident in the padlock icon on its browser bar, which is a positive attribute. The website doesn’t provide FAQs, and neither does it respond to customer queries. Hence, the question arises – is it serious about its business? The Vchstar online Reviews also bring out a fair amount of negative feedback about this site. 

 Vchstar website pros 

  • The SSL protocol which is embedded in the website is reassurance up to a point 
  • The option to make payments via PayPal is also a positive feature, but again that’s also up to a point 
  • The terms and conditions, returns and exchange, privacy and shipping policies are provided 
  • Any of the scam watchdog sites don’t blacklist the website, but that could be because it’s too new and hardly has any transactions to show 

Vchstar website cons 

  • The website is just six months old and has already attracted a fair amount of negative customer feedback on review sites 
  • Most customers appear to have the same complaint – no response on either the given phone number or the email address 
  • A search of Vchstar online Reviews also shows comments wherein people have traced down the address to a condominium in the given location 
  • A non commercial address for this kind of business immediately raises a big question mark about the website  

Customer reviews 

There are no customer reviews whatsoever for any of the products that this website sells, and that explains why most customers are going to be wary about making a purchase here. 

However, there are sufficient Vchstar online Reviews on review sites by people who have tried to contact it on the phone number, and email address it provided, and all of them complained of no response. 


The most alarming thing that stands out about this website is that it doesn’t respond to customers making inquiries on the phone number or email address displayed on the site. 

This website just wants customers to add what they want to purchase into their cart and make the payment. We won’t recommend this website to anybody, and we further advise you to stay away from making any transaction here because you’ll get cheated.

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