Valorant Patch Notes 2.03 (Feb) Read All The Recent Updates

Valorant Patch Notes 2.03 2021

Valorant Patch Notes 2.03 (Feb) Read All The Recent Updates -> read out here to know about the valorant update that is going to release soon.

In the United States, we heard the news by Valorant players that this game is undergoing many other new changes. There are new updates Valorant Patch Notes 2.03  that will be released by the valorant game developers soon. 

Nick Wu Smith is the new valorant game designer who is making  updates and features in the game named valorant. However, he didn’t give many details about the latest updates added to the game.

The valorant leaks official page has recently disclosed this news, and this news had been the hot discussion among valorant players. So, continue scrolling below to gather more information about this news.

What Valorant Patch Notes 2.03?

This note is the recent news update disclosed by the game designer of valorant game, and his name is Nick Wu Smith. This note tends to significantly increase the skill ceiling as it allows the players to use or raise weapons used in the valorant game. 

People around the United States play this riot game, and so are the news circulating out there among the users.

Valorant leaks had officially disclosed this news on Twitter on February fifteenth. They also shared some of the video clips of the ex-player of LCS who gave the credits to the designer named Nick Wu Smith.

Frenzy And Stringer Changes Made:

The new update Valorant Patch Notes 2.03 might add some balanced changes in frenzy and stringer. Further, we found out about this news from the valorant leaks which disclosed this news updates.

Valorant leaks also shared some video clips of LCS players. Due to the new updation, many of the players might be experiencing some issues now. Nicholas stated that the upcoming update might come across some significant facts.

We came across some other articles related to this new update, and people criticise some of the things that they don’t want in it. Continue your reading further to know about the five-basic criticism of this updating.

Five Things That People Are Criticising About Valorant Patch:

Some things that people are criticising in Valorant Patch Notes 2.03!

  1. Big nerfs: people don’t want to sweep nerfs in the new patch update.
  2. Over buffing viper: though the riot game had promised that user would experience this for some time
  3. Ranked changes: The riot rank changes are quite disappointing, so people are criticising it.
  4. Expensive skins
  5. Running changes


Lastly, we hope that readers might be now aware of the new update of the valorant game. This had been officially disclosed by valorant leaked page on Twitter.

The official page of the valorant gave all the credit for the new update to the designer named Nick. So you can check out more information related to Valorant Patch Notes 2.03 on the internet.

Do you know more about the recent update and news relating to this? Reply in the comment section provided below!

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