V Bucks cool.com {Jan} Is This Site Presents Gaming blogs?

V Bucks cool.com 2021

V Bucks cool.com {Jan} Is This Site Presents Gaming blogs? ->  Hey, readers know about the exciting tricks and tips to become a master in playing a video game. Read here!

Let’s have a short Idea on V Bucks cool.com, which is Germany based Web page. This portal presents the Royal battle game commonly has high demand among players amid the covid19 pandemic. But many of the players might still not be familiar with it, and what’re the tricks to play this game.

So basically, this webpage will give you a short idea about this video game. And here in our article, we will share the main facts about the Royal battle game presented on this web page. Do go through our content if you want to learn about the royal battle game in a short period.

What Is V Buck cool.com?

The vbuckscool.com portal was registered on 15th January 2020. And it’s reported that this web page is Germany based as it displays its content in German. 

This page will give you basic tricks to learn to be a professional player in the video game Battle Royale game. It has shown us various other links in its category heading of the latest post, popular link, etc. That link is basically for the beginner to guide them and other tricks to master the Royal battle game. 

But when we tried to open those links, we presented the same description, which are shown on the website V Buck cool.com. Further, the site has shared its Face book, Twitter, and Pinterest sites, in which more updates about the apps and games are shared. But those links don’t works which we open them.

Basic Tricks For The Beginner Player:

The Royal battle game is played as mode 50v50 which means fifty players playing against fifty other players to win the battle But this mod ended in December 2017. The primary weapon to fight with the other team is the storm’s eye in the Royal battle video game. Once you begin the game, the countdown timer will be set, and a white circle will be placed on the map. Let’s go ahead and see what more have Bucks cool.com says!

So if you are put in a white circle, you need to be inside that region to be safe. That white circle is known as the eye of the storm. Till you are inside that eye of the storm, you are safe and protected from any damage done by the blue circle or blue storm. However, the Royal battle game’s tricks and tips sound similar to Player unknown’s battlefields lastly as soon as you start playing start collecting weapons to keep it in stock for emergencies.


So, do you love playing Royale battle Video games? Well, if you do, then you may go through V Bucks cool.com web page to find more information and tips to master yourself in-game. 

Do try to update us with your thoughts too!

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