Us Fit Wear Reviews {2020} Read it Before You Buy!

Us Fit Wear Reviews 2020

Us Fit Wear Reviews {2020} Read it Before You Buy! -> Here in this article, you got to know about a holy site for those who want to be or already are a fitness freak.

Are you a fitness freak? Do you love gymming? If yes, then check out

But, before entering the store, take a look at Us Fit Wear Reviews. gives you all types of fitness apparel and accessories. Gym-monkeys always go for quality and comfortable clothing.

If you are well pleased by your outwear, you intimate yourself during the workout. Us fit wear you to stay healthy and attractive by giving you the best quality items.

So far, the company has gained admiration in the United State. There are lots of customers who are participating in investing in Us Fit Wear.

Now the question raise, Is us fitwear legit?  Before buying anything from this website, get all your answers by going through Us Fit Wear Reviews.

Is Us Fitwear Legit?

Recently, many E-commerce websites are promising to provide the best services for their customers. But, are fake and deceptive. 

Us Fit Wear briefly introduces you with its privacy policy as well as its terms and conditions. The company has made this site suitable for the people and acts appropriately to gain their trust.

To make the site legit, Us Fit Wear has provided its details and company address. Also, it has provided a contact number and email address for customer services.


Us Fitwear is an E-commerce shopping store that takes care of your fitness-related items. They focus on fitness-freaks and provide them all the things they required. The company sells workout apparel and have all the categories for men and women both. 

The products on this website have the best quality, and the price is cheap as compared to other stores. They run with many discount offers on every item. 

This website can be said to be unique as compared to other online website stores. This website only focuses on the fitness items that people love to carry and encourage them to stay healthy and fit.

Specifications of Us Fit Wear:

  • Official website- The website contains Fitness apparel and accessories.
  • Payment methods- PayPal.
  • Returns- Applicable within 30 days of the receipt.
  • The customer has to pay the shipping charges of returns.
  • Refund- Applicable once the return is received and inspected.
  • Exchange- Applicable within 30 days of the receipt.
  • Cancellation- Applicable before the product is shipped or produced.
  • Shipping charges- $4.99 on all orders.
  • The customer must pay International shipping charges.
  • Email address-
  • Contact number- (315) 719-9789
  • Recipient: Rumena Buzharovska
  • Company address- 6215 Kestral View Road, Trussville, AL 35173 Unites States.

Benefits of Us Fitwear:

  • The price of all the apparel and accessories are affordable.
  • The company provides better discount offers on all the products.
  • All the fitness items are available at one store.
  • The website of the company is SSL encrypted.
  • Thirty days’ exchange, returns, and refunds are applicable.

Drawbacks of Us Fitwear:

  • The customer has to pay the shipping charges for returning the item.
  • Sale items cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • The company does not provide Cash on delivery facility.

Categories of products in which the brand deals:

  • Men
    • Compression
    • Vests
    • Belts
    • Waist wraps
    • Apparels
    • Singlets
    • Men’s jewelry
  • Women
    • Compression
    • Vests
    • Belts
    • Waist wraps
    • Apparels
    • Singlets
    • Women’s jewelry

What are customers’ through about Us Fitwear?

As far as the brand is concerned, it has made a place for itself in the market place. The company leaves no chance to satisfy the needs of people visiting the website to shop. 

The brand has put in all efforts to serve the people with an outstanding performance. The company equally serves the interest of both men and women, thus gaining faith and trust in a more significant proportion of the crowd. 

The company has a vision of being among the top names in the long list of strong opposition. Hence, it has been making continuous efforts in doing so.

Final verdict:

The entire article can be concluded as; the website can be taken as an excellent option to buy products. 

All those who are fascinated about buying products related to fitness can blindly rely on the site. There might be a few users who have shown disagreement with the positives of the website. But those oppositions come from personal experiences.

Hence, it is advisable for the people that they go and shop from the site, atleast once. Soon after, share your valuable experiences with everyone.

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  1. I believe this is a fake website. I’ve tried emailing calling, contacting the vendor that my paypal linked to.. I get an invalid email response for the vendor, the phone # is always busy, the emails to this company never get returned.

    1. Website is a scam!!! Sent a fake tracking number. Tracking number was not with USPS like it said. Do not risk ordering anything from them!!

      1. It’s camming company got scammed and still fighting to get my money back going on 2 months and paypal just as bad for backing this fake company

    2. They list a false address located in the US while the scammer resides in China, they provide a false telephone number listed in Syracuse New York, they provide a phony email address and to boot provide false tracking information they they somehow hacked from Amazon.

    3. Totally fake ! I was online looking for some tools for dirt bike tire changes and on one of my searches the tool I was looking for showed up for half the price. I ordered tool not even looking into the company name ect. The first time I noticed the company name name was when asking for tracking number, I knew something was wrong. I never got a response and my card was billed but nothing showed up. I acknowledge the fact that I should have been more cautious and feel like a dumb ass.

  2. I bought an lol pool from this site and paid with pay pal and cant stop the payment you people ar ripping me off and I want my money back this is a scam.

    1. Hey did you get your pool? I just ordered one as well. It seems a sketchy, I still have not received a shipping notice.

    2. I ordered a kayak, was unable to contact the company despite several emails, calling the number which was just a busy signal. I tried to cancel the purchase through paypal, but they closed the case because the company provided them a tracking number. When I called UPS, they told me that tracking number was not addressed to me or my address and that the sender was Amazon, not this website. DO NOT BUY!!

    1. This website is a total scam! I ordered items and never recieved any communication from them. Havent received the items. When I try to contact them I get no response. I disputed the charges with my bank. This website needs to be removed!!!!

    2. Do not buy anything from this site, it’s a scam! I bought two kayaks from them through PayPal totaling $200, I got about a dollars worth of star stickers in the mail which is how their fooling PayPal into thinking they actually shipped you what you ordered and PayPal uses that tracking number to deny your dispute. I’ve already reported them to the better business bureau, do the same but don’t order anything from this site!

  3. SCAM! DO NOT ORDER! I ordered a bicycle for my daughter using PayPal and immediately noticed that the payment was linked to China yet there website says they are based in Alabama!? My order was “delivered” three days later only to find out that they copied a tracking number from UPS and it “was delivered to my front porch” ….NOT! My brother works for UPS and got to the bottom of it and the US FIT COMPANY took my money traced and copied a UPS code that was set to be delivered and they will be refunding my money!!! Again DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!

  4. I ordered an aquarium stand and didn’t get a shipping date. There’s no product number found of the stand on the website when you key in the product code. Don’t buy from this site.

  5. Warning !! I ordered & paid for a 12’x 33” pool , no receipt , order # , no response via email . I am very concerned , beware !

  6. I purchased a slide and splash pool about a week ago. Paid $ 94+4.99 (shipping) thru Paypal. No purchase confirmation, no shipping info, no response to email, and the phone has the message that an invalid code is entered. I would like to see a response from US Fit Wear OR cancellation and refund.

  7. I bought a Schwann meridian 3 wheel adult tricycle through PayPal but never received a confirmation email of my order, no shipping information at all, when I reported it to my bank as fraud I get an email through PayPal that my bike was shipped, left on my porch and weighed.40 of a lb. I never received any such shipment! Plus their customer service number does not work and if you google the address it is a residence! I want my $99.98 back! Not happy at all!!!

  8. I haven’t bought anything from this site but I believe its a fraud from the address and phone number. The address is a residential area. What company would use their home address for the public to view. It’s a different area code from the state. It’s just too fight for me to try it.

  9. My wife asked me to look into this company since they are selling items at 50% off. For starters, the address posted on the website is a residential address and not a warehouse or corporate location. The name RUMENA BUZHAROVSKA appears to be a misspelling for an author. The website was registered in February 2020, I checked viewdns (dot) info. They are hiding who registered the domain too. They have zero online footprints anywhere. The telephone number is for New York and not Alabama. I wouldn’t trust this website and I will be shopping elsewhere.

    1. You are correct in that aspect, this company is a fake and it lists a US address in Alabama. When you go to Google maps it clearly shows a home and then there is the telephone that is listed on their website, the area code is in Syracuse New York. I and a number of PayPal subscribers have been ripped off by this entity that is located in China and calls itself a business. A group of us have written to PayPal with no success so far, so please beware, this is a scam and a bunch of hard working folks have been ripped off. The contact name is an author and the last name has been misspelled. Don’t bother sending an email as that also came back as not found. Therefore, you will not get an order confirmation and you will not get your merchandise, what you will get is humiliation of being ripped off. The biggest surprise of all is the no response from PayPal where you are supposed to feel safe when purchasing items, I am ot the only person that PayPal has not responded to. I am shocked of the number of complaints and yet PayPal has this entity listed as a business conducting transaction through PayPal.

    2. I think we need to gather the people having the same and take an action with law to seller and Paypal. I guess Paypal also get some of benefit regardless it is scam. because they would get certain number trans fee from seller.

  10. Same with me I can not get ahold of them and the site won’t accept my log in information

  11. I was ready to buy but something fishy about why everywhere else the item was quite a bit more money and sold out. Then i found your article. Thanks for saving me a big hassle. I was looking for a water table for my grandkids and us fitwear is selling it very cheap. First red flag. Then wondering why a fitness company would be selling a step 2 childs water table. Now i know. Ty

  12. What are your suggestions to stop the payment of an order? I have the same experience, phone number is busy, no response to email.
    Very suspicious

    1. I wish I had read the article as well, I have never had an issue and shame on me for being so complacent.

  13. I bought a Keurig coffee maker almost two weeks ago and have not received any tracking information. Did I get scammed?

  14. Yeah… none of this person’s “reviews” are of legitimate webistes. This is just a space where the scammers can claim legitimacy. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ANY SITE LISTED ON THIS SITE.
    All of their social media links up top don’t actually go to any social media accounts. None of the websites or offers are legitimate.

  15. Fake Website Scam !!! I order stuff they didnt give me no tracking number . They have my visa card number i closed my visa card thanks god !!!

  16. I placed an order through these people and they took my money from my bank account I sent the email I never received a call back or e-mail I reached out to pay Paul and left a voicemail just a phone service not open due to coronavirus and I’m not getting nowhere so I won’t have to file dispute through my bank

  17. DEFINITELY A FAKE WEBSITE! DO NOT ORDER! I went to look it up on my paypal account and there was a tracking link there which took me to UPS and there it shows it was delivered, which it wasn’t. Contacted UPS and the tracking number provided was for a different package which we were not the addressee! Now I will have to try to dispute it with Paypal but from the sound of others I don’t think I will get anywhere. Perhaps file the dispute with the bank and someone else mentioned.

  18. I ordered a swing set and found out all of this after I ordered I hounded the hell out of pay pal until they got so tired of hearing from me I got a refund do not give up I sent them screenshot of these comments and also look up the Alabama better business Bureau they have investigated usfitwear I screenshotted that to pay pal also. That’s when they decided to refund my money and they did I received it today

  19. I so wish I would have looked at the reviews before I ordered! I should have known that $99 for a swing set was too good to be true!! They have blocked my emails. There phone number doesn’t exist! They have supplied Pay Pal with 2 fake tracking numbers! Pay Pal keeps closing my dispute because they have a tracking number!!

  20. I ordered a swing set on May 7 (should have known by how cheap the swing set was) they took my money through Pay Pal and then nothing! Would not return my many emails..they finally blocked me! They supplied Pay Pal with tracking numbers. The first was delivered to Brooklyn NY, I live in Pennsylvania! Hi he next tracking number said the package was only 2 pounds! I bought a swing set!! Pay Pal denied my claim because according to US Fit it was delivered! I never quit with Pay Pal! I kept writing to them! I screen shotted all these reviews and sent them to them.
    The phone number for US Fit doesn’t exist! The address they use for their company doesn’t exist!
    Finally 2 months later Pay Pal reimbursed my money!
    Do NOT buy from this fake company!!

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