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Is Lootie Legit (Oct 2020) Scroll About this Gift Box.

Is Lootie Legit

Is Lootie Legit (Oct 2020) Scroll About this Gift Box. >> The factors, as mentioned above, is for a website that sells mystery boxes.

We are sure that you might have come across various shopping sites in your life. These sites allow you to shop from the comfort of your homes. These sites also help you save some money while shopping. Imagine if you are shopping for something, you are even paying for that, but you don’t know what it is. Sounds funny and exciting? We are sure. We will introduce you to a website today that will help you shop for boxes where you won’t know what is in the box until you buy it. So, read on for the review of this United States-based website named Lootie. Is Lootie Legit?

So, we would want you to read this review carefully and understand how this site works and decide if you wish to make a purchase from this site or not.

Is Lootie Legit?

When we tried to find the answer to the question, Is Lootie Legit?. We found that the domain name of the website is registered more than six months ago. The website has an excellent social media presence. There are also good reviews for the website floating on the internet. 

What is Lootie?

Lootie is a revolution of e-commerce that has made a significant change in the way shopping is done. It has added a lot more fun to ex-commerce. Now people can get mystery boxes for themselves, and each mystery box has a great variety of items that can be possibly in there. Since they don’t know the package’s exact contents, there is a thrill and excitement associated with the shopping experience. The products are from some of the best brands, such as Supreme, Nike, etc. You can go to the site and visit the fantastic collection of mystery boxes available in thereIs Lootie Legit?

When the user logs in to the Lootie account, they will find the profile icon. Also, there is the balance option available on the top right section of the website. There is also a yellow icon that is placed next to the balance. Then the user will be directed to the page of deposits. There is also the option of deposits via G2A Pay, Steam, and Coinbase. The user can then enter the deposit amount and click on the option to go ahead with the promise.

After the user clicks on the option of unboxing, the user will get some great prizes that too really quick. There is also a product guarantee that the users will get. It will allow users to win great prizes quickly. Also, it is an authentic place. Also, the boxes contain descriptions and prices for each of the products. So, the user will always know what the user is going to get. Is Lootie Legit?

You would think what if you get something on Lootie, but you don’t like it? In that case, you can quickly sell the item you have for on-site money. If you end up winning big, then you can get the item withdrawn to your home. There is also an option of upgrading the thing on the site. So, this site allows you some great opportunities to try. Also, it provides you with great freedom.


  •  Website:
  • Products it offers Mystery boxes.
  • The email address of the website:
  • Phone number of the website: 4774615040
  • Is the website available on social media: Yes.
  • Mode of payment: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, etc.

Pros of Lootie:

  • There is an element of surprise.
  • There are mostly positive reviews for the website.

 Cons of Lootie:

  • Some customers are not happy with the kind of products received.
  • Some customers think that the shipping takes too long.

Customer Reviews:

When we tried to find out the website’s customer reviews, we found that there are mostly positive reviews. It makes many more chances for the affirmative answer to the question, Is Lootie Legit?’

Final Verdict

Based on the factors mentioned above, there are good chances of the website being legit. The customer reviews on the website are positive. All of this makes this website legit. Still, we will advise you to try this website only after you are one hundred percent sure of it. Is Lootie LegitThere are high chances for that.

If you have experienced shopping from this website, you can write down your experience to us in the comments section given below.

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