Uisemuck Reviews {Mar 2021} Is It Legit Seller Or Not?


Uisemuck Reviews {Mar 2021} Is It Legit Seller Or Not? >> Do the store providing storage racks is misleading the buyers? Read the content to know what the truth is.

Do you find difficulty in assembling items in the kitchen? We are presenting the details of the Uisemuck store. Storage racks are primarily used in the kitchens by the women of the United States
. But to choose a reliable store for purchasing such products is our duty. So, one must know the store’s trustworthiness before checking out the payment.

Shelves and storing racks must be durable and made of good quality. Let’s see the featured collection of the store and know Uisemuck Reviews.

What is Uisemuck?

We all have many small-sized products that remain scattered all around the kitchen. It makes the place messy. To assemble all these items correctly, Uisemuck is offering a range of shelves and racks for their customers. Its products are divided into two separate sections that are best and featured.

Bathroom shelves presented by the store can be used in storing shampoos, face wash and other accessories .The decorative kitchen shelves and bathroom basket holders are some of the best products that can be brought to the homes. Is Uisemuck Legit? We don’t know till now. Doing more research about the portal will provide the answer.

Specifications of Uisemuck

  • Type of site – a store is selling racks and shelves.
  • Mailing address – info@uisemuck.com
  • Calling number – 7176596024
  • Address – 23 Sarah Drive, Overland, Missouri 63114, United States
  • Return policy – customers are given 30 days to return items
  • Contact person – Toby Hunter.
  • Refunds – they are issued within 1-10 business days.
  • Shipping cost – it’s free of cost.
  • Payment methods – PayPal
  • Delivery timing – 7-15 business days.

Pros of Uisemuck

  • HTTPS connection is used.
  • It is SSL certified.

Cons of Uisemuck

  • Uisemuck Reviews were not found online.
  • Social media icons of the portal are not working. No Facebook page or instagram account is found.
  • The store has only a few items, and no details are available on the about us page that can give a flashback of the company’s establishment.
  • The site has provided a single way of transferring payments which may cause trouble to many buyers.
  • The trust score of the portal is 26% on scam advisor. A low rating shows a high risk in using the portal.

Is Uisemuck Legit?

This question is revolving in the minds of all the customers. Let’s get some highlights of the store to know its trustworthiness.

  1. The domain was registered on 22 March.2021. The store is new in the market.
  2. WHOIS data of the Uisemuck Store is hidden.
  3. The site has a low trust score, and scam advisor is warning the customers.
  4. The portal is misleading the buyers by sharing fake social media icons. By doing the research, we do not found its activeness on the social media platform.
  5. Uisemuck Reviews were not found. No buyer has shared its comment.
  6. The site uses a single payment method. Moreover, the contact address shared on the portal is suspicious as the store’s location is not pointed out on viewing through Google map.
  7. The Alexa rank of the store is 4249590, which shows the unpopularity of the site.
  8. It has a limited number of products.
  9. Strict return policy.
  10. Insufficient details on about us page.

From these ten facts, we are confirmed that the store is new and suspicious. It’s not good to rely on a site that is full of flaws.

What are Uisemuck Reviews?

As the store is registered seven days back, the site has not got comments from the buyers. With the store’s unavailability on social media, the site is not in contact with the people. The low rank of Alexa gives a clear indication that most of the customers are not visiting the portal.

We have to wait for few months to know customer’s opinions. There is no hope for positive comments as the store flashes many negative signs.


Coming to an end, we have tried to do deep research on the site to share Uisemuck Reviews with you. Buyers share no single comment, and the store is suspicious. It has provided limited details of all the products available. Moreover, order tracking facility is not offered.

Do not put yourself in scam by ordering items from Uisemuck Store. Have a look at some reliable store that is old and trustworthy.

Do you purchase any item from the store till now? Please share if the products reach you safely or not.

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