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Ucx Store Reviews [July] Is It A Scam or Legit?

Ucx Store Reviews 2020

Ucx Store Reviews [July] Is It A Scam or Legit? >> In this article, you will learn about a website that offers products inspired by vintage American heritage.

Are you searching for vintage jewelry? Let’s look into Ucx Store Reviews and decide whether this website is worth our attention and money.

People from the United States are excited to know about quality of products available on this website. The majority of people are wondering if the products look the same as they seem on the site. Therefore we are here to answer your questions, Is Ucx Store Legitor it’s just a hoax.

The website offers us the feel of cultural heritage with its products. But the question is how you can trust a site that’s just launched itself in the market. There are various steps to find whether a website is legit or not. It can be a very tedious task to do all the research work.

Therefore, we have arrived for your rescue. You have to sit back and let us do the complicated task of detailed research and analysis and present to you an accurate report considering all the aspects and consequences of shopping from this website.

What is is a web store with products inspired by American heritage and has professionally unique designs in stocks

The website launched 28 May 2020 hence is very new in the market. The site has followed the required network security steps to keep your browsing and shopping experience secure.

The varieties of jewels available on this website are necklace, chokers, initial necklace, pendent, rings, cuffs, stackable, bangles, earrings, hoops, bangles, anklets, and various embedded jewels. 

The website offers to ship to customers from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. The site has mentioned all the policies and shipping information online. 

Though, the website has an official domain, and since it is very new in the market; hence it has not received much recognition, and there is no Ucx Store Reviews available online from the customers.

Why is unique? 

The website has a massive collection of various varieties of jewels in stock. The site even offers you imprinted writing on the ornament to gift your loved ones so that they remember you every time they see your gift. 

Specifications of

  • Type of Product: Vintage American Jewels
  • Website Link:
  • Email Link:
  • Address: 847 Canfield Road, Youngstown, OH 44511 The United States
  • Telephone Number: (630) 835-8390
  • Contact Person: CEDRIC EBINER
  • Delivery Time: 3 – 5 Business Days 
  • Shipping Cost: $5.0
  • Return or Exchange: Applicable 
  • Refund option: Applicable 
  • Payment Mode: PayPal 

Pros of

  • Huge varieties of jewels in stock 
  • Beautiful American heritage-inspired design 
  • The official domain of the website available 
  • Https protocol followed 
  • Safe payment gateway
  • The user-friendly interface of the website 
  • Return, Exchange, and Refund available

Cons of

  • No option for Cash on delivery
  • Only single payment gateway available 
  • No social media involvement 
  • You will have to pay for postal in case of the return option 
  • Low traffic on the website
  • No online reviews available 

Is Ucx Store Legit?

We didn’t find any Ucx Store Reviews on any online reviewing website or any social media platform. The site very new in the market and does not have any social media involvement.

Therefore, to answer your question, whether Is Ucx Store Legit or not, we would like to inform you that the website seems a little suspicious due to lack of online customer reviews regarding the quality of the product or the service provided by the website. 

What is customer feedback about

The website has not received any Ucx Store Reviews online from the customer; hence, we cannot judge its quality or website customer service.

There were some technical reviews available online regarding the cyber safety of the website. The website is safe to browse, and it does not have much traffic on its servers. 


On the concluding part, we did not find any reviews to confirm that that the website provides you legit and secure services to the customers. Hence, we found this website a little suspicious. 

Therefore, we would recommend you to shop safely and go through research before buying from this website. 

The website lacks customer support to prove its legitimacy; consequently, we suggest you shop wisely from this website and do not enter your sensitive data before being sure. 

We will be thrilled to know your experience reading this report; do comment below if you have bought products from this website and want to share your experience. 

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  1. So I purchased a kayak from there website and never received confirmation of the order. I sent an email to there online customer service and have not had an answer. I have tried calling the phone number from the website….630-835-8390 and it rings like off the hook. Im getting a feeling this website is a scam. I looked up the address on google search and it comes up with a ragged out house!! The other red flag is they only use Paypal for payment. The name on the paypal account is Chloe Ellison.

  2. I found a pool floating lounger after a web search. Good price, so I ordered it, paying through PayPal and my Visa card. The card was immediately charged and showed up on my online transaction report. Howevere, no purchase confirmation was forthcoming after two days. I wrote an email to the address listed — no response. Then I tried phoning the listed number and get repeated “busy” signals. Was a bit puzzled to learn that this company sells jewelry when I purchased pool equipment.

    Seems odd that on online purchase would not result in a confirming email. This all sounds suspicious to me — unless they are legit, but just slow.

  3. I believe I was scammed by this site and a bogus paypal listing.
    Thought I was buying a kayack from target, Target nor paypal would confirm purchase.
    Bye bye $104.50.
    No more target or paypal for me!

  4. I have recently purchased three items from this site and was sent three different tracking numbers from PayPal (through USPS). Tracking numbers showed items were delivered but to another address and BEFORE my date of purchase. The contact number for customer service was not a working number-THIS WEBSITE IS A SCAM – DO NOT USE!!!


  5. UCX Store is a SCAM!
    I ordered a teeter-totter @ a cost of $99. I returned to the site 10 mins later to find out i could not log into my account. I called the phone number and only recieved a busy signal. I paid through Paypal and they are now investigating. I’m hoping I didn’t loose my money.

  6. This is definitely a scam. Purchased a Lifetime folding picnic table from them using Paypal. They even made fake UPS tracking, showing proof of delivery. Table shipped and delivered in two days. I looked on my front door camera and no delivery was ever made. UPS is investigating. This is a chinese scam that has Pay Pal bluffed, unless pay pal is part of it. DON”T BUY FROM THIS CHINESE FAKE SOURCE!!! Got ripped off for $95.00. I hope they get caught

    1. I got a refund from PayPal from an order I placed with this company, and they gave tracking number that also did not deliver to me. File a dispute with Pay Pal to get your money back. I did.

  7. SCAM!! Same as Mr. Coleman, we purchased a Lifetime brand folding picnic table – or so we thought. The product no longer appears on their website. Fake USPS tracking for a real package sent to our zip code showed the package as delivered to a ‘parcel locker’. Post office had photo of package – not even close to picnic table size and it was for someone else, so the scammers must be hacking tracking number lists somehow. They are getting scary-good at being bad!!

  8. I don’t see this website online anymore. That is good to see. I ordered a pool float and when I filed a case with Pay Pal for no communication and no reply to emails, ACX sent Pay Pal a tracking number. Odd thing is when it said delivered, I called the post office and the tracking was to a package in my city, but an address and a road that is not associated with me. After a couple weeks Pay Pal decided in my favor and I was refunded my money. Thank goodness!!!

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