Typingebooks Com Review (Jan 2021) Read And Know About It!

Typingebooks Com Review
Typingebooks Com Review (Jan 2021) Read And Know About It! >> The article includes information related to the online job portal website. Please read the details now.

The current pandemic situation not only hit one section of the country but the whole world. Poverty increased, and the number of unemployment also increased. It is not the right situation for those who lost their jobs. Several scam websites are looking to earn money by unlawful means from the job seekers. In this article, we will talk about Typingebooks Com Review.

The website is working actively in India, and lots of complaints have been noticed against this website. Before moving ahead, we will like to suggest that you never pay any amount to any job consultancy service before making a rigorous analysis and confirmation. 

What is Typingebooks.com?

Typingebooks.com is an online job portal that promises to provide online job offers, including content writing, data typing, and desktop related work under work from the home condition. Many people are moving towards this new gallery of work from the home situation, which is why most of the scam websites are making fake promises to earn money by scamming. So let’s discover Typingebooks Com Review.

The research and analysis say that more than millions of people lost their jobs during this pandemic situation and are seeking a hope of light to get into the right position. Although the officials have announced for some relief, that is not enough. Therefore, we from our side took the responsibility to open up the lies of the scam websites.

What are the people saying about this website?

When we research the website, we found the website page is ok where all the instructions on how to get register yourself content is written. A person has to fillup the form related to their details, including phone number, email id, name, and address. As the website is from India, several Indians wanted to know about this website.

When we move forward to analyse the Typingebooks Com Reviewwe find that the company pays a sum of 399 rupees as consultant fees. The fee is mandatory to all without paying the amount; no one will get the work. And here is the main glitch where we traced.

We found that no legit job providing company ask any charges for the job; there is a legit way to taking a fee. Although, when we move forward, they mentioned that after paying the money, the company didn’t respond. One of the victims posted that the company is a fraud; they will take your money and provide no work.

There are lots of scam companies out there available, which is taking an undue advantage form the unaware and the needy person that needs to be stopped. 


The article we researched is based on public welfare; we tried to grab all the information related to the website and found it is a fraud and a scam website. We found several complaints and negative Typingebooks Com Review by the people. 

Please do not entertain such a website. You can also share your thoughts on this website.

10 thoughts on “Typingebooks Com Review (Jan 2021) Read And Know About It!

  1. No response from teamm waste of money don’t encourage it after I have done my payment i called them their phone is switch off

  2. Same here. Thy says aftr paying regiatration we will gt work in next 10 minutes but it is more than an hour. There is no response nd mentioned number is switched off. I guess it is a fraud.

  3. The scammers have stooped to a new low by charging only 400 rupees. so most people think at the most they might loose only 500 rupees nothing much. but the amount the scammers make may turn out to be millions. mighty drops make the ocean.

  4. I never trust any company those who ask us to pay the amount for work but i have paid the amount because of job need after completion of payment their phn is switched off please never ever try to pay the amount to any company without knowing anything.

  5. It is fake site dont use bcz if you paid money for activation after 1 day not access this site our Username & Password & dont forget password.

  6. I have tried many earning websites and apps, they are only drawing money and waisting the time of unemployed persons
    They should be arrested and

  7. If that is a case then why that website still in there…???
    It should be banned from immediate effect

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