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Txtell Reviews [July 2020] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Txtell Reviews 2020

Txtell Reviews [July 2020] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> In this article, we review an online store where women can purchase affordable clothes.

Are you looking to purchase clothes from an online store? Online shopping has become very trendy. You can find high-quality products at cheap prices, which you won’t get in physical stores. Also, they have countless products, and you can browse through them the entire day if you want. So, if you’re searching for an online store to buy clothes, you might see Txtell among them. It’s an online store operating in the United States

Several Txtell Reviews give us the information that they offer a wide variety of clothing items for women at reasonable prices. Their clothing items are fashionable, modern, and comfortable to wear. All the latest fashion trends find their way into the extensive range of their clothing collection. 

If you’re thinking that Txtell is the right website for you and you’re going to buy anything from it, we suggest you take a moment and read our review as we’re going to reveal some information about this site that you must know of. That information includes its return policies, customer service, and the issue- Is Txtell Legit?

What is Txtell?

It’s an online store that operates out of the United States and provides its services worldwide. They sell all varieties of clothing equipment for women, and their product range is vast and impressive. Their products are priced at relatively cheaper prices considering their superior quality. 

They deliver in all major locations. Clothing items like Tops, Cardigans, Shoes, Bottoms, Dresses are available in this store. They also have several clothing collections categorized as Holiday Collection, Graphic Tee Collection, Swim Collection, and Athleisure Collection.

Txtell Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Products: Clothing items and accessories for women.
  • Processing Duration: 1-4 days.
  • Delivery: 1-3 weeks ($4.99, worldwide)
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 2084070068
  • Address: 615, Fredricks Avenue, Unit 174, Oceanside, CA 92058, USA.
  • Returns: within three days of the date on the receipt.
  • Exchange: unclear.
  • Refund Period: 7-10 business days.
  • Payment Method: PayPal.

Txtell Pros:

  • Their product range is extensive.
  • The items on Txtell are relatively cheap.
  • They offer worldwide shipping.

Txtell Cons: 

  • It is very likely that Txtell is a scam.
  • Their return policy is terrible, with only three days for returning the product.
  • Returns are not applicable on products brought for 40% or higher discount.

Is Txtell Legit?

We looked and analyzed every single detail of this website. After long and exhausting research, we have concluded that Txtell is very likely to be a scam website. Now we’ll state the reasons for our answer.

To any untrained eye, this United States website might appear safe because of contact information, like email, address, and phone number. But only contact information cannot decide the authenticity of a store as it can also be fake. The online store domain was registered only a couple of months ago; the website is new. It’s suspicious how a site around for such a short time can offer products at such massive discounts. Also, the newly registered domain is a common characteristic among scam websites.

There’s no information present about this website online, and customer Txtell Reviews aren’t available either, due to their tiny popularity. Some of the site evaluations were available, and all of them stated that the website was a scam and shouldn’t be trusted. So, Is Txtell Legit? We think it’s more likely to be a scam, but we cannot confirm it due to the lack of information.

Txtell: Customer and User Reviews

Customer Txtell Reviews weren’t available anywhere, either on the website or any other platforms, which we suspected because of its tiny popularity. Some reports were present about the website that made some evaluations of the store. All the reports claimed that the site could be safe, but it was more likely to be a scam. So, we advise you not to use this store.

Final Verdict

Txtell has a massive product collection and an extensive range and varieties of clothing items, all of which are available for purchase at cheap prices on this United States store. They offer worldwide shipping and offer hefty discounts on their products. But, their return policy is terrible and not applicable in all cases. Also, Is Txtell Legit? It’s very likely to be a fraudulent store.

Our readers, Txtell is likely a scam, and we suggest you don’t use it. Please write to us with some information about this store, if you have it.

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  1. This place is almost certainly a scam. Last nite I was scammed in a most unusual way as far as I know. I was searching for some info on a product that has nothing to do with this site. This site allegedly sells women apparel. The item I was researching had nothing to do with clothing. It was electronics. All of a sudden, an ad come on my screen for the item I was researching and the ad was on this website. The price was so low, I couldn’t resist buying one unit. I got the usual email confirmation of a purchase. Later, I got thinking I should bookmark the site for more deals later. But that’s when I noticed it was nothing but women’s clothing. I thought that strange, but I figured their was probably an explanation for it, like some kind of one off. Next morning (thus morn) I rcvd a legit email from PayPal with an invoice on the page. It also stated the seller (wacho name) left some tracking info. I checked the tracking # and it was for something that was delivered to me several weeks EARLIER! That’s when I knew it was a scam. They got me for $100.
    I thought the site was legit and that somehow the scammer got his ad, embedded onto an innocent website I just found out that’s not the case. Perfectly legit looking site, complete w/email addy, physical address, name of owner & phone #. I just tried calling the number to alert them to the scammer. The number is not in use and I got led to this site where you have to read all the way down to realize it might be a scam. Guess what? It’s a scam!

    I’ve been on phone & internet at PayPal all day long trying to get this reported and get a refund, but PayPal is almost as bad. So far 7 wasted phone calls, 6x disconnected and a few hours trying to use their chat function to get me to their “resource center” or whatever they call it, to get help. After 9 hours of trying, I had to give up. Can’t get any help there…

    Scam Scam Scam!!!

  2. Its a total scam and fake and it will just take your money i have prove. It cost me $100 but now i can share my experience with everyone so y’all wont be ripped off.
    I purchased a tubular k member for my car.. Yes CAR!!!
    Its was to good to be real. This k member range from $200 up to $500 dls and this one was $96 dls to be exact.
    I contact them to get information about shipping they did send me a tracking number about two days trying to get a response when i tracked the number its showed as delivered july 3rd at 5:00 pm Pacific time. I was all day home and i didn’t see shit coming i must be blind or what bcuz a package that big its noticeable. I mean call me an idiot for thinking i was going to get it or that it was obvious it was fake but facts real facts is what exposes and reveals the truth about this online site/store. Hopefully this information gets around for people thinking all that fashion they see and want to buy its legit it is not!

  3. Its is a scam got me for $95.49 for a robot vac. Buyer beware. Filed claim with paypal in hopes of getting my money back purchased on July 1 2020

  4. This same shit happened to me and who knows how many others.

    I have not received my hook powerprobe yet, they said it was delivered and used an old tracking number that was an Amazon order that was delivered.

    We all need to file a lawsuit against PayPal! Who’s with me?

  5. This Chinese POS scammed me out of $99.99 on 7/1/2020.
    He played w/ stupid Paypal by providing a tracking to my zip. Paypal ruled in his favor.
    My 30 cups rice cooker supposedly weighed 3 oz according to a shipping mailed to an address he picked from Google that cost him $3. Paypal was disappointingly stupid to rule in his favor. Avoid giving Paypal business if you can.

    Complain to your police Dep, google how to complain internet scams. You can complain at the state, and federal level so LIU QINGFENG the seller can go back to China. Txtell’s address is bogus, emails all were undeliverable, phone disconnected.

    Seller information

    Transaction amount
    $99.99 USD

    Refund requested
    $99.99 USD

  6. You still have time. File a case in PayPal resolution center. Go to the post office if the tracking is with USPS. ask for a print out of the delivery address of the tracking. I got PayPal to reverse the $100

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