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Is there a special occasion, and you need to show your affection to your loved one? But, what if, somebody helps you in creating tribute videos or the eulogies profoundly. Yes, surprisingly, that somebody exits! Visit

We believe that paying tribute is a symbol of admiration, respect, affection, and an award of honor to any person’s achievements. It helps in strengthening the bond of love between each other. Also, it is one of the unique ways to support & brace our friends and making them feel special.

Today, in this Reviews post, we will be talking about that helps in creating customized tribute videos. It is highly trending in the United State due to its exclusive idea of celebrating people.


Tribute.cois an online platform that helps in creating meaningful & collaborative video montages, which you can gift to your loved ones on any special occasion. 

You will be able to quickly draft, edit, and piece together the different sections of the film and can bring together it in a continuous video.

It was established by Andrew in the year 2013, with the mission to spread gratitude & appreciation all across the globe.

The whole team has crafted the technology that is helping people to share more of the love & support. It helps in connecting people that matter the most.

Specifications of the

  • Type: Online Platform
  • Available at:
  • Offerings: Video montages & eulogies
  • Established in: 2013
  • Secured: Yes, SSL (https) encoded
  • Additional Services: Tribute Booth for events, Marketing/ Testimonial Campaigns, Employee Recognition
  • Newsletter: Yes, you can subscribe
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube
  • E-mail:

How does it work?

You need to follow these simple, quick, and easy steps to craft a tribute:

  • Invite your friends & family: The first step is to invite your family & friends to become a part of the celebration.
  • Collect Videos: In this step, everyone gets a prompt. All of you need to create a video and then upload it.
  • Tribute Compilation: Compile all your videos by simply dragging & dropping in the order of your choice and share.

Packages Available

There are four custom packages available, which can be listed as follows:

  • Tribute:  Here, you will get an understandable definition MP4 video file just as dollar 25. There is no need for editing skills as you will get to know the user-friendly video editor.
  • Concierge: It is available at dollar 99, and this professional concierge will help you in coordinating everything you need.
  • Pro: At the cost of dollar 10/ minute of the footage, you can manage videographers to record top-quality videos in person.
  • Tribute Booth: It comes with a specialized highlight reel. For its cost, you need to contact

Pros of the

  • It is SSL (https) encoded, which means it is safe from MitM attacks.
  • There are two mesmerizing delivery options available so that you can convert your tribute into a physical keepsake.
  • You can subscribe to their newsletter to get information about the latest updates.
  • They have the right social media presence.
  • You can create your tribute video for all the occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding, Graduation, Get Well Soon, Moving, etc.
  • It has its mail server that is a good sign.

Cons of

  • In the Contact section, there is no information given about the physical address and the contact number.
  • There is no mention of the payment options.

Customer Remarks

On their official website, testimonials are available where we have discovered that people are speaking highly of They stated that it is doing a fantastic job by highlighting our stories.  

Employee recognition videos are helping in reducing the employee retrenchment and motivating them towards working more. Some of the happy clients are Splash, WABI, WFF Career Center, and many more.

People who have used it are of the viewpoint that it has sparked emotional & original conversations into cherished moments.

The Daily News, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, etc. are also talking about the

Wrapping Up

To encapsulate, is doing a great job! Their “Give Tribute Program” is supporting all the patients struggling with severe medical ailments & military personnel, and offering them videos free of cost.

Our Reviews suggest you go for this online site. Add the code “yougotthis25” and get your gift!

Kindly share your experience with us!

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  1. This is a real website but my experience was horrible. I was creating a tribute for my elderly mother’s bday party. They sent me the so called finished version which screwed up 3 videos and duplicated one. The 3 videos they messed up were my mother’s grandson’s, son’s, and daughter’s. I had no choice but to show the video as is since my whole family was here. Took them another day to fix it and it was messed up again. 3rd time they fixed it. I asked them to send my mother a CD so she could view the fixed version (a week after her bday party) since she doesn’t have a computer, but they refused. Shows you what kind of company they are.
    I would recommend using one of the other top online companies for making a “memory” video…., Rocketium, ETech, etc..
    There are 9 of them. Easy to use too.

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