Reviews (Oct 2020) Is it Worth the Hype? Reviews 2020 Reviews (Oct 2020) Is it Worth the Hype? >> In the above article, you read about a website that hosts a community of people associated with do-it-yourself and other ongoing trends.

Won’t it be nice to be if we could get updates and details about trending issues about different categories, all at one place?

Topcoolist is one such website that aggregates various articles related to art, beauty, environment, etc. Since this website covers topics from various trending issues and DIY projects, it has become trendy in the United States

This website is for you if you are looking for tips related to weight gain and weight loss, how to develop abs, the best range of electronics available in the market, etc.

To know more about this website, topics covered and Reviews, please read the following article.

What is is an online platform wherein a community is made to help people with various trending issues. This platform hosts content related to various areas such as beauty, art, auto, environment, etc. All the articles either provide information about trending issues or step-wise guide to DIY projects that are popular worldwide. 

The platform continuously monitors the trends and projects that are being followed by people worldwide. Many steps are then taken to ensure that these trends reach people with complete information and guides.

The website has articles on topics such as making candles, best headphones available in the market, beauty tips to be followed at home, etc. which can be read by people to know more about their daily life and find easy ways to live it. Reviews available online and on Facebook platform suggests that the content posted by this website is being appreciated by the audience for its simplicity and quality of content.

Specifications of

  • Website: Online community of people associated with ongoing trends and do-it-yourself projects.
  • Web Address:
  • Email Address: Not available on the website. 
  • Contact Details: No details available. An online form has to be filled to get in touch with the team.
  • Lead Team: Alex Ion (Editor-in-chief), Seamus Payne (Founder, Director of Visual Strategy), M.W. Byrne (Editor) 
  • Categories Available: Art, Autos, Beauty, Design, Entertainment, Environment, Featured, Gadgets, Sports, Style

Pros of

  • Articles related to various topics are available on this website.
  • The do-it-yourself topics are explained step-by-step and hence are easily understandable for the readers.
  • This website has a fully functional social media page that posts various videos and pictures that are helpful for the viewers.

Cons of

  • Contact Details are not available on the website.
  • The website can add specific topics such as technology, tourism, etc. to its categories.
  • Absence of a platform that facilitates interaction and discussion between the blog readers.

Is Legit?

When the readers read the variety of content available on this platform, they first want to know about the authenticity of the content.

The content available on the website and its social media pages is appropriate. The information provided in the articles is wholesome and is helpful for the readers to know about trending issues. 

The do-it-yourself project guides available on this platform are available in a simple language which is to follow and understand for the readers. These guides are available with description and pictures so that the readers can perform and do these projects at their homes quickly.

The Facebook social media page of this website is updated and is followed by approximately 28 thousand people. Reviews also demonstrates the popularity of this website among its readers.

Hence, this website is legit. Readers are advised to visit this website and update themselves with some trending issues and also read some DIY guides and try these projects at their homes.

Reviews on Reviews suggests that this platform is popular among its readers. They have appreciated the choice of topics that are available on the platform. The readers have written that they have followed the DIY guides that are available on the platform, and they are easy to comprehend and follow. 

The platform has received appreciation for its content and simplicity. The readers have recommended this website to others as well.

Final Verdict:

This platform, with its unique content and approach to making a community of people, has gained wide popularity among readers across the globe. The content is very relatable for ordinary people. Topics such as how to gain abs, tips to lose weight fast, best fragrance brands, etc. have gained popularity among the readers.  

If you have read articles and guides on this platform, do let us know your take on Reviews in the comments section below.

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  1. Total Scam! I just got finished with a 10 day Paypal dispute with them luckily I screenshot every page of the transaction throughout checkout so I had proof of everything. I got my money back. They put items in the shopping cart on the PayPal statement so there is no proof of what you bought just the $99.99 price and after you pay it doesn’t take you back to the site it dumps you at some random site. Stay away from this website it’s a SCAM!!!!!

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