Top Uses of Lanyard in the Professional Services Industry

How to Use Uses of Lanyard in the Professional Services Industry

Did you know that a lanyard is not just used to hold keys? They are also widely used in the professional services industry. From holding IDs, badges, name tags to carrying pens or even your mobile phone, there are endless ways on how you can use a lanyard for business!

If you work in the professional services industry, you are probably aware of how business people use this accessory. The following are some popular uses for lanyards in the corporate setup:

Mobile Phone Holder

Are you tired of looking for your mobile phone at the bottom of your bag? This is where a lanyard comes in handy. Not only does it keep your mobile phone from getting lost, but it also saves you from being without a critical business tool when you need it the most.


A lanyard can be regarded as one of the most widely used carabiners.

Many people use this accessory to hold their keys, mobile phone, and even small flashlights! This is convenient because you can find all these items in one place. Lanyards are also versatile. You can attach them to various things such as backpacks or bags, whether for work or school.

Advertise Your Business

Similar to the ID badge holder, many companies use lanyards for their employees’ name tags. However, there are also other creative ways you can advertise your business using a lanyard.

For example, many companies use lanyards to hold flyers containing their business information. This is an excellent way for them to get in touch with new clients and increase brand awareness. You can also design the lanyard with your company’s logo for easy identification and promotion. 

Mask Holder

Wearing a mask has become a necessity in the present time. However, it can get tough to manage to keep your mask safely and neatly at a place while being swamped with work. In such a scenario, a lanyard can become a great utility. You can attach your mask to the lanyard that you are wearing and relax for the rest of the day. It is the perfect accessory that allows you to keep your mask within reach at all times. Primarily during conferences and business meetings when you may need to immediately put your mask on while attending to someone. 

With a lanyard across your neck, you won’t have to be looking around in your bag or pocket for your mask. 

Professional Employee Identification 

Lanyards are widely used as ID badge holders for professional purposes. Especially in larger companies where most people wear ID badges during work hours. Using lanyards allows your employees to easily identify each other by their company’s logo or colors. It is also a great way to keep track of employees.

Having a lanyard with your employee identification card allows you to display your business information for potential clients. It is also a great way to identify employees or colleagues quickly. 

Most companies use durable plastic or paper cards that can be attached to a lanyard. Having a lanyard allows you to detach the ID card and swipe it through card-readers for easy entry to secure rooms.

Business Conferences and Trade Shows

A lanyard can be very useful in business conferences and trade shows because you can easily identify key people, clients, and even employees.

If you wear a lanyard with your company ID card attached to it, potential clients can approach your booth at the expo without having to block the flow of traffic. 

You can also use printed ones with your business logo for a more professional appeal.

Lanyards come in many different forms and can hold an array of items. It is essential to have the proper one depending on your needs, whether a lanyard attaches to your mobile phone or just a simple one with detachable parts. It is also essential to make sure your lanyard is of good quality and comfortable enough to wear.

Always keep in mind how you will be using it to get the most out of your lanyard and the products you purchase!

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