Top and Useful Presentation Ideas for Students in 2022

Best Top and Useful Presentation Ideas for Students in 2022

A good presentation is memorable and inspires not only the examiner but also other fellows. The presentation is remembered because of the creative element, uniqueness, and the way the presenter delivers it.

Looking for creative useful presentation ideas for your school assignment? You are in the right place. After reading the given article you will find out about many unique and interesting ideas. 

Animated Presentation

A Unique idea of making a presentation interesting is by incorporating animation in it. Animation is a very powerful tool as it has the capability of engaging the audience and making them view the slides or the presentation surprisingly. 

But it is only possible if you are managing the animation in the right way. It should be according to your topic and the demand of the presentation.

Doratoon – Make Presentation Easily And Fast

Making animated presentations is no more difficult task because of online available animation makers like Doratoon. It is an incredible animation maker that offers you a lot of ready-made templates designed for presentations. 

You just have to choose a template and then edit it according to your topic and within minutes you can prepare your presentation without putting in time and money. Besides this, you can create your own animated presentation by using its huge stock of elements. 

How To Create A Presentation On Doratoon?

Doratoon is a very user-friendly platform and it is designed in such a way that even school students can easily create a wonderful presentation on it. It does not require any type of special skills or knowledge. All you need to do is follow four simple steps described below:

Step 1. Navigate to the official website of Doratoon and sign up here for a free account. You just have to enter your email address and a password.

Step 2. After creating your account on Doratoon, go to the “workbench” Tab by using the top menu. 

Step 3. On the workbench tab, either search for a template or click on the “Create” button from the left pane. It will directly take you to the main editing interface. 

Step 4. Now using the top and left available options you can create a masterpiece presentation. When you are done hit the export button present at the top right corner to save the presentation. 

Video Presentation

PowerPoint slides are boring to perform and most of the time the audience becomes sleepy and looks into their watches. To avoid this you can convert your PPT slides into a video presentation. Now the question arises of how you can do it. 

You don’t need to try any complex procedure as Doratoon is offering you a direct way. You just have to upload your PowerPoint slides and then by clicking on an option your PowerPoint presentation will be converted into a video. 

After creating the video you still have a lot of editing options. You can add text to speech or can add pictures/short videos, background, cartoon characters, or whatever you want. You can also add some slides into your video presentation just for illustrating some type of data. 

Whiteboard Video Presentation

Whiteboard presentation is another useful creative idea for students especially when you are delivering a virtual presentation. It is a combo of a traditional presentation method and a new video presentation method. In a whiteboard video presentation, you are actually incorporating whiteboard video with still images and text. 

This type of video presentation is very effective if you want to strengthen the effect of the words you are talking about in the presentation. Now you don’t have to panic to create a whiteboard video. Doratoon lets you create an effective whiteboard presentation without facing any hindrance. 

Tell Visual Story 

Instead of reading text, try to make a story. Everyone likes to hear stories and it will make the suspense coming into your presentation. Instead of telling your story on your own, you can add visuals to support it. By using visual stories you can describe a long concept or story in short form in less time. 

Try to use embedded videos that play automatically when you come to a certain point of your presentation. By using Doratoon you can easily add any type of video, even your own recording to your presentation. 

It is important to select a video that will grab the attention of the audience and does not distract them. You can also add your voice or any music file to your visual story to bring life to it. Doratoon also allows you to add any music file or text to speech to make the video dub. 

Add humor

Another useful idea to make your presentation attention-grabbing is by adding humor to it. A simple way to add fun to your presentation is to try to use gifs. GIF is a moving picture or short type of video that will justify or strengthen your point in a humorous way. 

If you are creating a presentation on Doratoon then adding a GIF into your video or animated presentation is just one click away. Doratoon offers you 1M+ video clips and images that you can easily access. 

Ending Remarks

If you are a student who wants to make a unique and interesting presentation that will not only grab the attention of the audience but also be memorable then you must try the above creative ideas. By using Doratoon you can create a video animated presentation or can add gif videos, pictures and much other content to make it useful.

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