Tips to Grill Like a Pro This Fall

Tips to Grill Like a Pro This Fall 2020

Tips to Grill Like a Pro This Fall – The autumn air is crisp, fill it with the aroma of grilling your favorite dishes this fall. Get prepared for the best barbecue following these tips.

Fall is a great time of the year to be grilling, just like summer. The cool evenings or lazy afternoons make it a perfect time for warming up that grill to prepare for a fun barbecue with your friends or family. But if you want your BBQ to be a success then there are a few steps you need to follow. We will discuss a few tips that will make your next BBQ a very special one.

Get the Meat In Room Temperature

Many of us start to cook the meat immediately after taking it out of the fridge. This is a big mistake, we must make sure to bring the meat to the proper room temperature before we start to cook. This is necessary so that the grill doesn’t have to work extra hard to cook the center of the meat as the whole meat will be at room temperature. 

Preheat Your Grill

You need to warm up your grill before you start cooking. This is essential as you must pre-heat the grill to get it to the right temperature for it to cook the meat properly and at the right time. In case you are using a gas grill for your barbecue then you must preheat it like you do an oven. 

If you are grilling with charcoal then the grill will heat up naturally. You should remember that the cooking time stated in recipes is from the standpoint, that the grill is already pre-heated.  

Keep The Meat Flavored

Surely you want your barbecued meat to be the best tasting grilled meat your friends will keep talking about for a long time. For that, you need to apply flavor to the meat and for that, it needs to be specially marinated by adding that extra flavor. Popping a steak or some chicken on the grill and cooking it instantly will get you an okay tasting meal, but a great dry rub or marinated meat will ensure that your dish has the extra flavor your friends will love.  

Give The Meat Adequate Time To Cook

Of course, you love the caramelized crust on your meat after you grill it. It takes time for this crust to develop on the meat. So you need to give it that time instead of constantly flipping and turning the meat. You should refrain from squashing the burgers because this results in dried meat as the fat falls off onto the grill if you squash it. The same goes for chicken when you are grilling it. Constantly turning and flipping will not allow the delicious crust to develop.

Gather The Right Tools To BBQ

Grilling is an art and there are several tools available which you can use to perform this art. You need tools that will withstand the high heat. Silicone pastry brushes and utensils is a good choice here. You must make sure to protect your hands as well from the heat. Use quality BBQ gloves while grilling to handle the plates, pots, and other tools to keep them safe from the heat.

Choosing the right grill is also essential before you start. You have to keep in mind factors such as what type of food you are cooking and how many people you are cooking for. There are a wide variety of grills available, such as charcoal grill, pellet grill, infrared grill, gas,or propane grill, and kamado grills. Make the best food by choosing the right one according to your needs by learning of their specifications.

Give Some Time Before Cutting The Meat

It’s important to keep the juices in the meat to give it the succulent flavor. So to keep the meat juicy and allowing the flavor to stay in, you need to let the meat rest between e  the cooking time till you serve it to your friends and family. You should not cut the meat immediately after cooking it. As all the juices will run out of the meat if you cut it immediately after cooking.

After Cleaning Grease The Grill Grates

If you are planning on grilling meats or fish with low-fat content, you especially need to pay attention to greasing the grates of your grill after cleaning them. The grease helps to keep the food from sticking to the grates. To do this properly you can use silicone pastry brushes as they can easily withstand high heat. If you need to marinade your food or apply sauces while cooking, you can also use these pastry brushes for better results. 

Clean The Grill Well Before You Start

Be sure to clean your grill well between uses, as it will be a mess to cook in the same grill without having cleaned it after use. After a grilling session is complete, your grills plates are left coated with meat particles and grease. Cooking without cleaning these residues will leave a bad taste in your food. So to have a fresh clean taste you need to clean the grill plates with a grill brush before cooking again with a fresh round of meat. While you’re at it, wash the vegetables that you plan to grill with the meat too

Cook For The Right Amount Of Time

Grilling can be done in many forms by keeping the meat rare, medium-rare, half done, and so on. These different type of grilled meat requires it to be cooked at a varied amount of time. Also, you need to keep an eye on how the center of the meat is getting cooked. So a lot of precision goes into grilling meat. 

For this, you can use a digital meat thermometer to measure the temperature inside the meat. This way you will know exactly how long you should cook the meat and the chances of getting perfectly grilled meat every time is ensured.


Grilling is one of the best ways to have an enjoyable time with a group of friends and family. Following the right techniques will let you get the best results and having a perfect barbecue experience every time. So plan ahead and have the great afternoon grilling this fall.

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