Tips To Throwing A BBQ Party That Your Friends Will Love

Throwing A BBQ Party 2020

Tips To Throwing A BBQ Party That Your Friends Will Love >> One of the best ways for friends and family to get together and have fun is to have a BBQ party. Just follow a few simple tips to have the best BBQ. 

What better way to have a lively fun-filled afternoon with your friends and family than to have a BBQ in your backyard? The post-lockdown times means taking a few extra steps to ensure the safety of all the people coming over. Like making sure everyone is wearing masks and keeping hand sanitizers available for everyone to use. Also, try to keep the layout as uncluttered as possible so that people do not get confined in a small space. Other than that you just need to follow a few simple tips to throw a fabulous BBQ in your backyard.     

The Setup

It’s simple and easy to arrange for a BBQ party. There are a few guidelines that must be followed post-lockdown. You must not exceed more than 6 people while meeting outdoors, with people from different households maintaining two meters of social distancing from one another. You shouldn’t share food or drink with someone if you don’t live with them in the same house. You shall not share utensils with someone from another house. Don’t go inside the house of your host unless required. Some other points include:

Prepare with Sufficient Cooking Fuel

If you are cooking burgers or similar items, then you will need to cook in high heat, for that a full chimney of charcoal will be needed. You should use charcoal, around a quarter of your chimney for thicker cut meats. If you are going for a smoker grill you can check out smoker grill reviews online to pick the best one for you.

Get Ice

You must get the right amount of ice. You may easily overlook this and later on end up with insufficient ice and nothing to keep the beer cold. So to avoid this unwanted situation you need to follow the rule of thumb and get one pound of ice for every guest per hour. This should keep you well covered.  

Keep The Bugs At Bay

One issue that is going to bother you outdoors is the bugs. They will turn your guests into an all you can eat buffet unless you do something about it. There are a few easy ways to drive them away other than using citronella and zappers. You can get a lantern that is bug repellent or bring in plants such as marigolds and peppermint. The mosquitos, greenheads, and gnats hate these plants so they will stay away. You can keep insect sprays handy too.

Prep The Food

If you are looking for an extraordinary menu or just whip up a simple affair, read on to manage everything easily. Use the morning time to prepare the BBQ foods that you are serving as this will give you more time to sit back and relax in the evening with your attending guests. A few ways you can do this is by preparing your salad in the morning, just add the dressing before you serve. 

You can get the onions as well as the peppers and meat chopped and marinated ahead of time and keep them in a bowl ready to be cooked. The night before, you can marinate and glaze the meat. Surely you will be serving hot dogs and burgers, you can cut the bread for these in advance. Finally, you can get your skewers ready for grilling. There are a few steps to follow to get maximum flavor no matter what skewers you are choosing, read on below to find out more.

Should You Use Wood Or Metal Skewers  

If you want to keep the meat from spinning around then you should use stainless steel skewers that are made from flat metal. The length should be about 12 inches in length. If you are looking to make a choice that goes well with the environment then you should go with metal skewers as they are reusable. 

Skewers made from wood, the bamboo skewers particularly, are very popular but it does have a downside. The bamboo skewers burn way too easily. If you want to prevent them from rapidly burning, you need to get them wet by soaking them in water for a minimum of thirty minutes beforehand.

How to Get The Skewer Threaded

Another factor affecting the outcome of the BBQ is how the vegetables, meat, or fish are delicately threaded with the skewer. The key is to ensure consistency in the skewer and balance so that all the pieces get cooked at the same time. Make sure to thread them in such a way so that the cubes are not squeezed tightly together to avoid an uneven cook.

Prep Warm Lights

The BBQparty will run into the dark hours of the evening so you can get some decorative backyard lights to brighten up the place. They also help to bring in a warm festive feel to the whole event. You can also opt to keep some tiki torches handy for more dramatic effects. 

Get Appropriate Drinks

One way of prepping the drinks will be to arrange for a cooler in the backyard and keep the juice boxes, bottled water, and ice for the kids, and fill it up with wine, beer, and other beverages for the adults. To make it more attractive you can ditch the weathered cooler and use steel tubs. In case you are serving cocktails, make sure to pre-mix them so you don’t waste time at the party stirring, measuring, and pouring.   

Just have Fun

There are a lot of other things that you need to prepare for a BBQ party but these are the basics that you just have to get right. And above all, the most important tip is to just have fun and enjoy yourself. That’s the whole point behind hosting the BBQ. If the host is having a great time, so will the guests, and God knows, we all could use some unadulterated good times now.

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