Thisstudy com (Nov 2020) Get Help for your Queries.

Thisstudy com (Oct 2020) Get Help for your Queries.

Thisstudy com (Nov 2020) Get Help for your Queries. >>As mentioned above, the article is for an informative website that helps the students solve their academic queries and enhance their knowledge.

The world has shifted online. In the global pandemic, everybody has learnt how to work online; various offices have been moved online. Doctors have started meeting the patients online; teachers have started teaching the students online; it has not only begun a world of new possibilities but has also enhanced the skillset and knowledge of everyone. 

Today, we will introduce you to a United State-based website whose name is Thisstudy com. The website helps the students answer their queries online and help them excel at their studies.

What is

Thisstudy com is one website that helps the students get homework assistance and help get the answer to all their questions. The website has a library of ten lakh questions. Also, one can have 24*7 support of customer care on the website. 

This website is made to help the students get the answer to their queries. The website has many subcategories that make it easy for the students to access the website and get their queries solved. There are various categories in which the students can categorize their questions, such as it has subjects like History, Chemistry, Geography, etc. 

Also, these subjects have various subcategories for the placement of the items to solve them. The USP of the website is that even if you are not satisfied with the categories of the questions asked, the students can write their problems and get the answer to it. So, Thisstudy com is a great revolution in the world of learning.

Specifications of the website:

  • The rank of the website: 14,160,216
  • The domain of the website: .com
  • Average daily visitors who visit the website: 12
  • Average page views of the website in a day: 24
  • Linked websites: 11

Services offered on the website 

  • Doubts solving
  • Explaining the topics
  • Detailed presentation of all the subjects

Is it safe?

The website doesn’t have any active complaints by the users till now, and thus it seems safe to be used. We think that the website has a useful trust index. Therefore, as per our research, Thisstudy com is safe to use.

Customer reviews

The students are mostly satisfied with the website as they think that they cannot just clear their doubts but also save time.

Final verdict

Thus, the website mentioned earlier, Thisstudy com, is one great boon for students out there. In the world of a global pandemic, it becomes easy for the students to stay safe in their homes’ comfort and yet not let their studies suffer due to this current pandemic.

Thus, we think it is a great option to use the website for educational purposes, and we will suggest our readers go through the website and make fair use of the website’s detailed knowledge base.

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