Things We Miss in the Digital Age and How to Get Them Back

Latest News Things We Miss in the Digital Age

The internet giveth and the internet taketh away. It has made a lot of changes to society, a lot good, a lot not so good. But we’re not here to talk about the great, massive changes that have us debating if we live in a Matrix or in the world of 1984, but just the little touches to things that we didn’t know we needed until it was gone. 

Read on for our top picks of things we miss thanks to the internet and how to get them back.

The smell of books

Somewhere around the introduction of the Amazon Kindle, there was a sudden appreciation for the smell of books. Some people would have you think that these two things coincide, but that appreciation was always there. People talked about how much they loved the smell of a library, or the inhale they’d take as they opened an old book, but that craving is more pronounced now that we can carry around hundreds of books in a tablet.

If you are someone who has saved so much space and money by switching to a Kindle, I don’t blame you, but if you are still looking for that book smell, there are options.

Book-flavoured candles have exploded on the shelf. They even come with their own variants. The woody musty smell of a book, amongst the newly cut grass, or the burning of a log fire, or even a wizard’s quarters.  

Sharing photos

Have you noticed how no one really looks at photos together anymore? Sure, we’re “sharing” photos in that we post them to our social media accounts for our friends to quickly heart and then move on, but we so rarely get that organic laugh that comes with pulling out a photo album.

We don’t get to share in those holiday photos anymore, or the wedding photos, and all the stories that come from them – and that’s a sin.

But there are ways to solve that. If you miss having a physical photo album to look back on, consider creating photobooks, straight from your social media pages. You can print Instagram photos at to create some truly stunning memory books. 

Getting lost

There’s something lost when using Google Maps. You go straight from where you are to exactly where you want to go, even right to the door, usually entirely looking at your phone.

But if you’ve ever been to a European city, you’ll know that all the best stuff is hidden down narrow and little-known alleyways. That’s where you’ll find the best pastries in Paris, or a single street market in Rome, or even Narnia if you look hard enough.

So, what’s the solution? This one is simple: only use your Google Maps app when you really need it. You will see more of the world and find a valuable hidden gem along the way.

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