The Importance of a great business name: What you can learn from the backlash of Facebook’s name change

Latest News The Importance of a great business name

Facebook has recently changed its name to Meta in an attempt to rebrand itself. This seems to be a response to the scandals and allegations Facebook has been subjected to in recent years. But unfortunately, the name change has been backlashed. If you are thinking of starting your own tech company, you can learn from Facebook’s name change and choose a name of your own – preferably without a backlash.

When you meet someone at a party, you immediately form an opinion of them based on your first impression. Similarly, the name of your company is the first impression your customers will have of your business. This means that choosing the right name is of great importance and may even affect the revenue of your business. Your company is facing unique obstacles, but the backlash of Facebook’s new name shows how powerful a name can be and how important it is that you choose the right one.

Branding starts with the name of your company

A name that adequately represents your company is important if you want to form a strong and long-lasting bond with your customers. To do so, you must consider how you can establish trust. Tech companies have a bad rap in the media, so you want to make sure that your company appears to be as trustworthy as possible. If you lack ideas, you can find the perfect name for a tech company by using a name generator. The name of your tech company is a way of communicating your company to the world. Think of it as branding. You are already in the process of building a brand when you choose a name.

The power of a great name

A great name can change the perception of your company. This is what Facebook is attempting to do. Facebook is no longer associated with rekindled friendships between long-lost schoolmates or fun-loving pictures of dogs. It is now associated with political propaganda, surveillance, and invasion of privacy. By changing its name, Facebook is trying to change the conversation.  We are yet to see the results of the rebranding of Facebook, but the backlash on social media suggests that the name of your company matters. To change the conversation, you need a powerful name that not only communicates what you sell but also how you wish to move your company forward. 

Keep yourself in the loop

When you are choosing the name of your company you need to be updated on everything happening in your industry. Click here and keep up with the newest business trends so you will be well equipped to run a successful company. The ebb and flow of trends within the business, technology and even politics may influence your choice of name. To be well informed is a strength that may prevent you from choosing a name or a branding strategy that either doesn’t work or is even damaging to your business. Unlike Facebook, your company is not associated with surveillance and propaganda, but you may still need to control the conversation about your company.

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