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Latest News Best Games to Learn How to Code

The Best Games to Learn How to Code: If you had a passion for coding in the past, there were limited resources for practicing your skills. Although you could access several books and some basic online tutorials, you also had to do lots of experimentation. Today, you can access high-quality interactive tutorials and courses to hasten your mastery of coding. Additionally, various free games help you sharpen your programming skills.

How Gaming Improves Your Coding Skills

Even without a computer science degree, you can learn the fundamentals of programming through gaming. This experience improves your problem-solving skills, as well as knowledge of programming concepts and languages. Although gaming alone won’t teach you all you need to know, it provides a fun and practical learning experience. The following free games will upgrade your software development skills from beginner to renowned programmer in no time:

  1. CodeMonkey

Although its target market is kids, adults can also use this game to learn programming fundamentals. It utilizes the open-source CoffeeScript language, which compiles JavaScript. You can use CodeMonkey to build games in HTML5 with Android and iOS apps for additional support. Whether you’re a beginner or ready for more advanced courses, it offers assistance via free video tutorials, webinars, and MOOC courses.

  1. Flexbox Froggy

This resource teaches you about CSS Flexbox through a simple game that requires you to guide Froggy to a lilypad by writing CSS code. The simple interface enables you to understand the basics of alignment in Flexbox., the game’s creator, has several other games to help you learn coding concepts.

  1. Flexbox Defense

This gaming solution is another great way of testing your Flexbox development skills. It’s a tower defense game that stops approaching enemies using CSS. As the attackers come in waves, you’ll strategically position gun towers to deter them. This game’s commands are similar to those of Flexbox Froggy. 

  1. CodinGame

CodinGame is a community of developers that aims to impart development skills in a fun and collaborative way. You can learn new programming concepts by solving enjoyable challenges written in more than 25 languages. They include C, C#, C++, Java, Python, Kotlin, JavaScript, Scala, Swift, Rust, Ruby, Groovy, Perl, PHP, Objective C, and Pascal. In addition to playing with colleagues and friends, CodinGame allows you to test your skills in international coding tournaments.

  1. CodeCombat

Although its target audience is teachers, parents, and students, anyone can play CodeCombat. It uses a unique approach that takes learners on an adventure that teaches coding while playing. Its code engine and interpreter are custom-made for beginners. They teach C++, Python, and JavaScript in understandable, beginner-friendly terms. CodeCombat’s scaffolded curriculum methodically equips you with more practical skills as you progress.

  1. Ruby Warrior

As the name implies, this game teaches the Ruby programming language enjoyably and interactively. It also helps learners understand the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. Your character is a warrior who climbs a tower and claims a precious ruby at the highest level. On every floor, you must write a Ruby script that provides instructions to the warrior on battle tactics. 

  1. Robocode

Think of Robocode as a virtual version of the popular TV show Battlebots. The objective of this coding game is to build a robot battle tank to take on rival tanks. It utilizes the .NET or Java programming languages for this purpose. The robot battles occur in real-time on the screen.

  1. Elevator Saga

This game moves elevators by creating a JavaScript program to build an efficient transportation system. Your coding skills must improve with each level if you hope to progress through more challenging obstacles. The game allows you to correct errors through debugging options available via developer tools in your web browser.

  1. Code Wars

Code Wars sharpens your code development skills by engaging in real code challenges with other learners. You can choose from tens of supported programming languages. Other than mastering your option, you can expand your knowledge of a new language. You can either use community-created kata to test your proficiency or create your own. As you master progressively difficult kata, your rank rises, and the system matches you with more relevant challenges.

  1. Empire of Code

This space game incorporates tactics, strategy, and coding. Although you can play without programming skills, having them gives you a tactical advantage. Empire of Code helps improve your knowledge of Python and JavaScript, two essential programming languages to learn. The strategy entails three vital phases. The first is Build, which creates algorithms to increase efficiency when producing resources. The conquer phase codes defense tactics to defend against encroaching enemies. Finally, the Rule by Code phase develops bots to attack rivals and appropriate their resources.


These game-based solutions help dispel the notion that programming is complicated. As you play, you also become conversant with coding fundamentals that you can build on as you conquer more challenging levels. This strategy is the best way for beginners to learn the basics, pick a suitable language, and improve their development skills.

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