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Tatomake Reviews [May] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Tatomake Reviews 2020

Tatomake Reviews [May] Is Online Shopping a Scam? -> The post makes you aware of the legitimacy of an online store that sells home stuff and kid’s essentials.

Are designer home décor items high on your shopping list? Are you also looking to buy kids essentials or stationery items? Then Tatomake is your ideal haven.

Tatomake is an online store that sells trendy interior and exterior décor products at pocket-friendly rates. You can shop for a variety of kid’s essentials and fancy stationery items too.

If Tatomake Reviews are to be believed, then this eCommerce store is doing very well in the United State.

Through this post, we try to find out Is Tatomake Legit or just a scam like many other online stores.

Is Tatomake legit?

Of late, there is a spurt in online websites that offer eye-catching stuff at the most justifiable prices.

Tatomake is also such an online store that has joined the bandwagon pretty recently. In this light, one is left wondering if Tatomake is authentic or not?

Let’s scroll through the following post to figure this out-What is Tatomake?

Tatomake is an online store that sells an assortment of designer stuff. You can buy beautiful lightings and exclusive room décor to beautify your home.

There are attractive kid’s essential items available too. One can also buy stationery items such as a magazine file, collection desk storage, and many more.

The designs are too tempting, and the prices just so affordable.

Why is Tatomake unique?

Tatomake is unique because of the overwhelming variety of designer products it sells. Shopping in a store like this saves you time, money, and energy. You don’t need to do any more store-hopping, whether online or in person. You can shop here for almost everything you need to decorate your home.

Also, if you are a mother looking for some essential items for your kids, then Tatomake is your ultimate destination. You might be looking for a baby pillow one day, a teething tool, or a baby bonnet on another day. Again, you don’t need to hop from one store to another. Tatomake gives you the luxury to buy everything on its website.

The reasonable pricing of the products is another feather on its cap.

The products seem to be of high-quality with excellent durability.

More so, the exclusive products available on this website make for unique gift items too.

Specifications of Tatomake:

  • Products sold: All household décor items, lightings, kid’s essentials, and stationery
  • Website:
  • Email: Address: 1527 Fruitland Dr. BELLINGHAM, WA 98226
  • Phone: +1 8456360200
  • Processing time: 1-2 weeks
  • Delivery time: Worldwide delivery 1-5 Business Days
  • Exchange/returns/refunds: Not very clear
  • Mode of payment: Online payment and through Paypal

Pros of Tatomake:

  • Worldwide delivery
  • Accepts various forms of currencies
  • Variety of products in one store
  • A very detailed description of products
  • The products are high-quality and very trendy.
  • The products are available at budget-friendly prices.
  • The website looks very colorful.

Cons of Tatomake:

  • Thatony is a non-existent site
  • The website is not well-drafted
  • Limited mode of payment
  • No cash on delivery option
  • No customer reviews are available on their website.
  • The website has no mail server.
  • The website uses a free email such as Outlook, Gmail, or Hotmail.
  • It uses an open cart platform.

Customer reviews of Tatomake:

As the website is pretty recent, there are no customer reviews either on their website or anywhere online. But a very few that were available said they were not much happy with the system in which the company works.

Final verdict:

In our research, we found that Tatomake is less than two months old. There are hardly any customer reviews of the present or returning customers to validate the authenticity of this website.

Even though the website looks very colorful, their ‘About Us’ page is a copy-paste from another scam website. There are grammatical mistakes and formatting errors too. A website will give a lot of emphasis to such details if it wishes to grow in the future.

Their website address, 1527 Fruitland Dr. BELLINGHAM, WA 98226, is familiar to many other fishy websites.

Their website claims to be a branch of Thatony, which is a fake site.

Also, any popular website is seen strongly on social media. Tatomake does not appear on any social media platform, thus raising suspicion on its authenticity.

Even though the website uses an HTTPS protocol, it is still suspected to be a fraudulent one.

Please share your experience if you have purchased any items from this store. Your comments will help us in spreading awareness among people.


  1. Another rip off company, uses ebay pics as their own, no way to contact them, phone numbers disconnected, never received item , BEWARE!

    1. This is a scam. Its August, placed my order for an inflatable pontoon boat in may. Received 5 paper masks and no boat to date. Supposedly re shipped multiple times, supposedly arriving in my town, supposedly there were attempts to deliver. I waited for days. No one ever showed up. They want to keep 40 % of the total for shipping cost and the hassle of not actually shipping anything. Now its past the limit at my credit card company for a refund. SCAM ALERT!!!

  2. Bought an item almost a month ago and shows it is coming out of China on the shipping tracking. It must be on a slow boat from China. I’m sure I’ll never see it at this point. Buyer beware on Tatomake website!

  3. This company is a scam. I fought with them for 3 months on shipping and where my product was. I then contacted the bank and filed a claim with them so I got my money back. Please do not buy from them they are a scam.

  4. This is so fake, since July 2020 I have been trying to get what I ordered. They say it was delivered to mailbox, it was like 48″ tall. Top it off I have cameras. Was told to contact USPS, that did no good. I would never ordered like this again. Fake, scam, BS.

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