Susiecloths Reviews [Jan] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam

Susiecloths Reviews

Susiecloths Reviews [Jan] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam -> Here’s a review of an ecommerce store that offers women’s shoes at discounted prices.

Do you check online fashion stores for trendy women’s footwear and clothing items? If you do, then let us take a look at 

We stumbled upon plenty of Susiecloths reviews online and decided to inform our readers about the site. Our readers, who are ecommerce enthusiasts, can benefit from reading this review. 

Given the abundance of online stores catering to women’s fashion, it is extremely important to do thorough research before purchasing products from an e-store. Thus, we use a myriad of tried-and-tested methods to determine an e-store’s legitimacy. 

In countries like and the United States, many online shoppers are curious about the site. This review should give you a clear idea about the site and help you make an informed online shopping decision. 

What is

The website is an online fashion store for women’s shoes and clothing items. The e-shop features a wide array of shoes like sandals, boots, sneakers, etc. Whether you’re looking for trendy flats or fashionable heels, the site offers them at a discounted price. 

Shipping internationally, the website lets buyers return or exchange an item. The website belongs to the company Sheness Ltd. The site lays out other information about the company. 

Read on further to learn more about the site and whether it is safe for online shopping. Here we’re sharing must-know info about the site as well as the Susiecloths reviews available online. 

Specifications of

  • Website type – an online store for a variety of shoes and clothes for women 
  • Delivery time – 15 to 20 working days
  • Shipping fee – depends on the shipment method and the delivery location
  • Return – within 50 days of receiving the product 
  • Mode of payment – PayPal 
  • Cancellation of order – before shipping 
  • Company address – Leontiou A, 167, Hawaii Kamelia Court 3022, Cyprus 
  • Company email id – 
  • Company contact number – not specified 

Pros of shopping from

  • Collection of trendy women shoes
  • Products appear to be good quality 
  • Products available on discounts
  • Option to return or exchange an item
  • International shipping available 

Cons of shopping from

  • No phone number shared
  • Few negative Susiecloths reviews available on the internet

Is legit or scam?

The domain of the website is over 8 months old, and the site ensures data protection with its SSL certification. The social media icons on the site are legit and take you to relevant webpages. 

The site has thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram. The products on the site display plenty of information. Additionally, the site displays a lot of company-associated details like the name of the company and the address. 

The reviews available on the site are generally in favour of the e-shop. However, the reviews on other forums paint a different picture. We found buyer reviews in which people are complaining about the terrible shipping and customer service.

Though the site appears to be genuine, we recommend our readers to be wary and maintain caution while using it for online shopping. 

What are people saying about

The site has been around for quite some time. On the website, we found plenty of reviews listed on the specific products’ page. Most of the reviews on the site are from people who appear to be happy with the quality of the product. 

We checked other popular forums, including social media sites. There we came across a few negative reviews of the site in which buyers are complaining about the inconvenience they experienced while trying to cancel an order or receive the refund. 

These are alarming signs as they showcase that few customers are completely dissatisfied with the services of the e-store.

Final Verdict 

We closely examined the various aspects of the e-store that sells a wide array of shoes for women. We found that the website is SSL certified, and the domain was registered 8 months ago. The e-shop lays out company-related information such as the physical address. 

The about us page on the website lists a lot of details about the company’s vision to provide a smooth shopping experience to the customers. The products on the website are well displayed and arranged. 

These are excellent signs as they showcase the site’s trustworthiness and genuineness. However, while doing the search, we came across a few negative Susiecloths reviews where buyers were complaining about the site’s services. 

Therefore, we urge our readers to maintain caution while shopping from the site. In case you’ve already purchased items from this site, then do share your experience in the comments section.


0 thoughts on “Susiecloths Reviews [Jan] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam

  1. Ordered shoes from this site a month ago, and they haven’t even shipped. Pretty sure they took my $80 and ran… Lesson learned. Just because Facebook endorses a company (and objects them into my news feed unsolicited), doesn’t mean it’s trustworthy….

  2. I ordered $108 worth of shoes on 11/10/2020 and emailed the email listed on the site and have not received a response or shipping information. WOW. I finally found a site that had shoes that I was in love with.

  3. Yep, I agree with the other reviews. I had the same experience- never received the boots I ordered and they refuse to refund my money saying they’ve already sent the package to the post office to ship. Stay away from Thai site!!

  4. It’s a scam! It’s been 4 weeks and never got my products or even a shipping confirmation. The emails are a joke. They response I get is that they’re back-up due to holiday season and have sent my package to the postal service but behave not shipped out. Ridiculous. There is no way a box is simply sitting at a postal service. Irresponsible and irritating. How do I report this website!?

  5. I found out about susiecloths when I cam across a pair of boots in the FB Market place and asked the seller where did she get them. She replied Susiecloths.
    So I went and purchased the same pair in my size, with a pair of flats also. Months later, I am still waiting for them. They offered me and 30% off coupon or partial refund. Not even half of what I paid for.
    I have replied to a comment on fb to a lady asking how long shipping is, susiecloths says 15-20 days, I responded and said Lies!! Don’t buy anything from them. And of course they deleted my comment. TWICE!! I would stay well away from them. There are lots of angry faces on their posts for good reason.

  6. I ordered shoes. October 20th and today I’d November 27th. I emailed and asked where are my shoes. They stated that the shipment has not landed. I’m calling PayPal for a refund.

  7. I ordered mine back in September and same as everyone else they keep giving me the run around and refused a refund. You can post negative comments on their Facebook page because they have it removed as soon as you do it. I keep posting their Facebook page as a scam.

  8. This is an awful company with awful products and awful customer service. It took nearly a month To receive my product which was fine. However when it arrived the tan shoes I ordered were pink. I attempted to return and receive a refund and the company refused.

  9. Placed a order for over $100 on October 15,2020. Today is December 22,2020 and still no products received. I have asked for a refund via email 4 separate times, each time I was reassured that my package was on its way. The final e-mail confirmed that the package was “likely lost” and Susie cloths offered to reship the items. I informed them I was no longer interested in receiving the items and that I wanted a refund, have not received a response from them at the time of this post. I will update when and if I receive a response. I would not order from this company if you like to receive what you paid for it has been nothing but a headache.

  10. How are they still in business. Same. Ordered 6 weeks ago and they keep emailing me a link that it was sent. But it has been in the same spot for 5 weeks. They are obviously a scam ?

  11. This should be illegal!!! How can the company scam so many ppl but nothing is being done about it. I placed an order for 77.29 over a month ago( paid in full) no merchandise yet. I’m taking legal action S of now for this matter!!

  12. Same as all the other comments. I ordered over $100 worth of shoes over 2 months ago and they never came. The emails are a joke, saying the shoes have been shipped and refuse a refund.

  13. I spent over $250 on 11/9/20 and haven’t received a shipment even though they created a ups shipping label on 12/8/20. Ups still hasn’t received any products. So the tracking number is pointless. They be responded twice saying to trust them it’s on the way. So upsetting

  14. I order a pair of shoes on 19 Nov – got a confirmation email – NO TRACKING DETAILS. I then followed up in early Dec asking when i could expect the shoes only to be told they were held up at the post office – STILL NO TRACKING DETAILS. Contacted again and was told it was caught up at customs – STILL NO TRACKIGN DETAILS. contact them again and again… same story. I gave them a date ( 4 Jan)saying if I did received the shoes by then I would be contacting both PayPal and Facebook Marketplace and put reviews up. I immediately got a refund from PayPal – thank you PayPal.
    DO NOT BUY FROM THEM – I don’t know if they are a scam or not but TERRIBLE SUPPLY CHAIN.

  15. I ordered 3 pair of shoes 11/22/20 and still haven’t received the product. I have emailed several times with an “sorry for your inconvenience “ reply and tracking shows in route to UPS. I just asked for a refund to 1/7/21 and see if they respond. Definitely looks like I got scammed as well. Not happy they have $65 of my money ?

  16. I ordered mid October and today 3 months later after thinking I was scammed I received my boots! They look good and feel comfortable. But don’t order thinking you will get them in a timely manner. If ordering flip flops or summer shoes order now LOL

  17. Ordered boots from this site a month ago. Got an email showing the order is on the way with a tracking # . But as today still have not received. Sent 4 emails with no reply back.

  18. This is definitely a scam! Never received my order! Plus have not been able to get any response from customer support!?my boyfriend bought them because I saw a picture of boots I liked and just sent him a screenshot, so I have done research but Facebook should have rules against complete scams they are letting advertise!!

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