Online Websites Reviews Scam {July} Read More To Know Scam Scam {July} Read More To Know -> In this article, you get to know about a site that compensates drivers for campaigning by advertisements stickers on their cars.

Are you looking for some good side income with no extra investment? Then you shall checkout Scam? Not really if you are entirely aware of this website. As it is new in the market, many people have no idea about it, and the process of earning some extra bucks is so easy that people often account for it as a scam.

Currently, this website is more famous in the United States.

There are many Reviews by people who took the works from this website. There is a considerable number of people who are giving their reviews on an excellent star rating on many sites.

What is is a company that helps to advertise businesses and provide income to people. takes orders from clients and promote their businesses on stickers. The people who enroll in this program get this sticker installed on their cars, and paid monthly revenue to keep the sticker to show advertisements.

How can drivers apply for this work?

  1. Drivers have to sign up on the website. It is a straightforward process; the site states a driver can sign up in almost 30 seconds. You have to tell them about your car and where you drive it.
  2. In step two, the drivers have to select the campaign. There are many campaigns available, and one has to choose from the available campaigns. You will be allowed to accept or reject any available campaigns from the campaign options as per your choice.
  3. Step three is, you will receive a decal. You have to place it on your back window. The sticker is see-through, so you will be able to see through your rear window.
  4. Step four is verifying your installation. You have to submit a photo showing that the decal allotted to you installed appropriately, and then you will be eligible to start the campaign.
  5. Step five is receiving payments. The site states that all the drivers who verify their installation earn monthly. You can make money and gift cards too. The monthly payment is via Paypal, or money is direct deposited.

We read many Reviews, and many were extremely positive. As the driver also has to pay a monthly deposit fee, many consider Scam.

How does it work for business owners? states that for the price of one billboard, you can get fifty to seventy-five Stickr cars that will embark five times more advertisement impressions and fifteen times better name recognition.

Advantages of using services for business owners

  • Advertise your micro billboards wherever the car goes, i different neighborhoods, parks, and shopping centres.
  • It is affordable as per car price is fixed even in dense cost areas.
  • You can launch a nationwide campaign.
  • As the billboards are not static, the name recognition is fifteen times better.
  • You can start a direct response campaign to track what exact return on investment acquired from a single car.
  • It will change the perception as several cars with your brand name will be present in a single geographic location, making it appear a community brand of choice.

The campaign prices vary from the age of the car and a specific location from USD 20 per car to USD 40 per car.

Specifications of

  • Website type- advertising by stickers on cars
  • The contact number of company- 702 805 1854
  • Address of the company- Howard Hughes Parkway 3753, Suite 20, LA, NV, USA 89169
  • Company email address-
  • Domain registration date- August 2, 2018

What are people saying about

There are lots of Reviews all over the internet, and almost all of them are good. On ordinary people have given it 4-star-ratings. Many people have feedback that they are not able to see through the installed sticker in rains. Many people wish that they may receive more payments.

The compensation provided by the company is in the form of money and gift cards combining to a maximum of USD 1200 per year. People find it challenging to use the gift cards, as many referrals is must use many of the cards, and gift cards belonging to some venues are quite far from their residencies.

Final Verdict

If one wishes to earn extra money and gift cards in compensation, they shall go for It is a trusted website with a more prolonged market presence and excellent user reviews.

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