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Sprindcore com Scam [June] Read This Before You Buy

Sprindcore com Scam 2020

Sprindcore com Scam [June] Read This Before You Buy >> In this article, you will read about a global website that sells home & kitchen appliances at substantial discounts.

Have you got any latest deals on home and kitchen appliances? has all the products you want for your home and kitchen.

This generation is all about luxury, comfort and convenience. We want everything at our comfort and convenience and don’t want to do any hard work if it can be done through machinery.

Nevertheless, every appliance at homes and kitchen make our work more accessible and comfortable. If it is a Generator or AC or refrigerator all these appliances has become the most crucial part of our life, we cannot imagine our daily life without any of these appliances. 

Currently, this website is gaining popularity across the United States.

If you want to know that if Sprindcore com Scam or not then read our full review.

Is Sprindcore com Scam?

Many customers review this site over the internet, and every customer who bought anything from this site said this site is a highly suspicious website and is a scam. 

It is so because this site has not provided its contact number. Although it has mentioned, its address and email, but both seem to be false; hence this site is not legit and is a scam to trap customers across the globe.

Read our Sprindcore com Scam to know the pros and cons, other benefits & disadvantages of buying from this site.

What is is an online store selling a variety of home and kitchen appliances. Some of its best-selling items are Window Air conditioner, Portable Air conditioner, lightweight vacuum cleaner, self-balancing hover boards, portable inverter and vacuum sealer machine.

It also sells backyard recreational children’s& adult trampoline. Apart from this, the site sells all the home and kitchen appliances at very reasonable prices which a common man can afford. 

This online site ships to more than 200 countries by its standard shipping and also provides with an order tracking facility. 

Specifications : 

  • Product – Home & kitchen appliances.
  • Website –
  • Contact – Not available.
  • Email –
  • Address –  326 S Birch Ave, Hallock, Minnesota 56728, United States.
  • Shipping time – 7-14 days.
  • Shipping charges – $4.99 for domestic shipping & $7.99 if delivered worldwide.
  • Return/Exchange – Within 30 days.
  • Refund policy – Available.
  • Mode Of Payment – Visa Card, Master Card, Maestro Card, American Express and PayPal.

Pros of : 

  • The address of the online store is available.
  • Best quality of home and kitchen appliances.
  • Best quality trampolines for kids and adults.
  • Customer Email support is available.
  • Frequently asked questions are mentioned on the website.
  • Hassle-free 30 days return.
  • Delivery to more than 200 countries worldwide.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Order tracking facility available.
  • Safe checkout.
  • Variety of online payment options.
  • Neat and uncomplicated policies.

Cons of :

  • The contact number is not available.
  • Shipping is not free.
  • Late return.
  • Only Online payments are acceptable by the website.
  • The website doesn’t accept cash on delivery.
  • The address mentioned on the website is fake.
  • The email address of this site is false.
  • The website seems to be a trap.
  • Images of the products are duplicate and blurry.

Customer’s Feedback on : 

Many of the customers who bought their appliances from this site found this site as suspicious and unreliable. The reason they gave for saying this site unreliable is this site hasn’t taken any of the complaints into consideration. This site doesn’t have any contact number through which any customers can connect with them, neither the address mentioned on the website is right, nor the email address is.

Some of the customers who got their products at their doorstep got counterfeit items also reviewed this site as a fake and untrustworthy online website.

The privacy policy, shipping policies and other policies are so complicated that any customer will struggle after buying any products from this website.

Final Verdict: 

To conclude this Sprindcore com Scam, we strongly recommend our readers to stay away from such sites which can trap you by providing substantial discounts on its products. Many of the sites adopt this policy and list their good at significant discounts to attract customers from the world.

Apart from all these, this website provides you home & kitchen appliances at reasonable prices. We request our readers to read all the related information and reviews about this site before buying anything from this online store.

Even though the address and email is provided by the website, it is purely a scam and not a legit site.

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  1. This is a scam website. Purchased a $200 router from this website. They did not deliver anything. This is how they operate. When a buyer dispute a transaction with the financial institurion sends a fake tracking # to the same city of the buyer to show that something was delivered. So any dispute the buyer pursues will be defended saying that this site has delivered something (financial institution cannot get the full address of delivery from UPS due to confidentiality reasons so between the miscommunication between UPS and the banks, the buyer loses). DO NOT FALL FOR THIS> SPRINDCORE.COM is a scam website. I will be reporting this is the website host as well as take it to the feds on this

  2. I trustingly did not do my research and purchased a mini fridge from this website. Can you give me any advice on how to get myself a refund? I paid through PayPal. Thanks in advance!

  3. I purchased a trampoline and have now learned it is a scam and now I have lost my money. Is there anyway to get it back?

    1. I purchased a trampoline also and within in 3 days it said it had been delivered,The UPS tracking said it was a 3 pound package signed by a T.White and at the same time stated package left on the dock..I’ve went through PayPal and asked for a refund and today they denied it stating seller provided adecuate proof of delivery…I’m so pissed off.. Anyone have any idea where to go to with it from here ?

  4. fraud website.
    purchased a trampoline, never received it.
    Payment payment went overseas!!!
    Total fraud.

  5. Same thing purchased a trampolinw received an email the next day saying it was my tracking information. I ordered the tramplone on june 27th ups suposedly delivered my package the day i bought it total fucking scam

  6. we ordered a trampoline and it never showed. Trying now to go through all the steps to get our money back. Afraid its going to turn into a loss. Thankfully we ordered on the 3rd and the deliver to door date says the 1st of the same month. Hopefully we will be able to get our money back.

  7. Placed an order june 26, 2020. Got order number confirmation with a tracking number. I purchased two window air conditioners. I tracked the tracking number on UPS and it was a 2-pound envelope delivered to an address other than my address. Their website provided a email address under contact us link: sent email on 7/1/20. Using theTracking number provided to me. I learned this item was delivered to another address and is only 2 lbs.  NO RESPONSE. Went to website and found contact us link: Web site reads “Need more information on a specific product, or want an update on your order? Just let us know by filling the contact form below. Our support team always try to reply to all inquiries as fast as we can. It also showed a street adress of 326 S Birch Ave, Hallock, Minnesota 56728, United States. Looked that up o n reverse directory and found address belongs to a floral shop. Growing more suspicious. I did a lookup on WHOIS database and found phone number for Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.6613102107; It rang and rang until it disconnected. Further down I found an admin contact. Tried it. I got a recording that said thank you for calling, to leave a message press 1 to leave a fax press 2 or begin faxing at any time.
    Also found what a person’s name at all but listed as Admin Name: WhoisGuard Protected
    Admin Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc. There is no Street number or address only a PO Box who are the administrator-Admin Street: P.O. Box 0823-03411 Panama, Panama with a phone number of 507.8365503. Legit? Too many inconsistencies for me and no real way to contact a human being. I will be contacting PayPal and getting this charge reversed off my credit card

  8. I purchased a trampoline for my nephew birthday which was a week ago….they told me the trampoline was suppose to be here on the 13th never received it…tried contacting customer service…no reply …do anybody know how I can get my money back 🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. My name is Gloria Woods, I purchased a portable air conditioner in June and I have not received my purchase. Tried to leave a email with the address they provided but it would not send. Please advise on how I can get a refund.

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