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Spooky Grave com Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Spooky Grave com Reviews
Spooky Grave com Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Legit Or A Scam? >> This article is related to the website that claims to proffer projectors, and we will explore how legit it is.

Spooky Grave com Reviews: Do you want to watch your favorite web series, shows, and movies on a big screen? Then, you should read this article till the end and get to know what we are offering to you. The website here is about projectors, and there is no need to go anywhere else. 

The best is that it provides all their H.Q. projectors worldwide, including the United States

It is still a dream for huge people to watch their favorite shows and series on the projectors, but the site is here to turn their dreams into reality. The screen of these projectors is eco-friendly and also easy to use. 

Let us know more about the ins and outs of this website through this review.

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What is

In simple words, it is an online store that claims to provide top-notch quality of projectors all across the globe, except some nations

The website belongs to the U.S., and refund policies are too transparent, in case the buyer will not be satisfied with the products provided. 

Do you want to know more about this newly launched shopping store? Then, move forward to the Spooky Grave com Reviews.

Specifications of the

  • The interested buyers can access the website through
  • It is an e-Commerce website.
  • The website sells projectors belong to spookygrave.
  • The Shipping takes one to three days to place an order on this website if the order belongs to the U.S. and more days, if international.
  • The delivery time of the website varies from five to eight days after it has shipped. 
  • The site’s return policy states that the product is eligible to return within thirty days of purchase. 
  • Free Shipping is available on all products. 
  • The tracking I.D. will provide to the customer as soon as the order has been placed.
  • Various payment options are available on the site, such as PayPal, American Express, Master Card, Debit Card, Visa, and Apple Pay.

What are the pros of shopping from

Here are some positive aspects of buying projectors from, which have given below:

  • The prices are affordable. 
  • Money back guarantees available under refund policies. 
  • Worldwide Shipping is available. 
  • The products are of premium quality. 
  • The website customer reviews are available to analyze how it works. 
  • Online payment choices are available that are helpful to make instant payment. 

What are the cons of shopping from

Here are some of the cons of the shopping website that every buyer needs to know about the website. Let us have a look at these below. 

  • The website is only fourteen days old. It came into existence on 14th September, 2020.
  • No customer Spooky Grave com Reviews are available online.
  • There is no social media handles available on the website.
  • No contact number and office address are available on the site.
  • The site has no mail server. 

What are the buyer’s opinions about

While exploring the site, we got several Spooky Grave com Reviews on the official website of spookygrave, but it may be fake or paid one as all buyers have given five stars to their products. So, we can’t justify the legitimacy of such reviews. 

We have not found any customer’s opinions related to the shopping platforms’ products and services on any other site. Further, there are no social media pages available for the site, leading to no reviews about the buyers. The website is too new, and there is a lack of reviews about the products and customer service.

Bottom Line

After reviewing the website through the Spooky Grave com Reviews, we conclude that the website runs from the last fourteen days and the sites with less than six months of domain age are not good from a buying perspective. Moreover, it has many loopholes, such as no contact information, contact address, and email support provided to the customers. 

Thus, it is advisable not to purchase from such a website that seems suspicious. The reviewed website is a shopping store that is a part of scam sites. 

Therefore, stay away from such websites and keep an eye over on similar websites available in the market.

Please do not forget to leave your thoughts and queries about this United States store in the comment section below. We are happy to assist you.

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  1. I wish I had saw this back in Sept. I ordered. Did not receive any items. And now I checked out the Facebook comments and they are exploding with angry buyers who received nothing.

  2. I also placed an order and did not receive. I went to “View Order” link on email and now the site doesn’t exist…..

    1. I just received a projector screen only. I’m in Australia – there was no shipping information until it arrived and now it says “screen only”. I paid $20AUD, what a rip off.

  3. I also made a purchase and still have no item! I have emailed and they assure me that my order has been shipped and should receive within 5-15 days from shipping date but nobody will tell me when shipping date was. Purchased on Sept 28 and contacted them via email on Oct. 6. I have now expressed that I haven’t received anything and therefore want a refund and they tell me I cannot get a refund because my order has already been processed!!

    1. And you never will. These are horrific scam artists. I ordered in September as well and I email them every single day (it’s 9 days past halloween now – still no shipment). I know they don’t actually ship anything… and I’m trying to get my money back. They ship out empty boxes so that they can say they shipped it… when they haven’t.

  4. Same boat here! Ordered on September and have not received anything. Was told it would be here by Halloween, nothing! So friggen sick of people taking advantage of others!

  5. I didn’t receive my order either. My next step is to file fraud charges with the Federal Government and take them to small claims court.

  6. Wish I had seen this sooner. I purchased one for Halloween on Oct 9. It is now Nov 13 and STILL nothing. It apparently shipped from China – my daughter received a parcel from China in 4 days – this have been over a month. So, if they don’t take returns after 30 days from purchase, it is obviously not going to be refunded. I did get a response from someone at Spooky Grave when I emailed them, ONCE!!! Haven’t responded since. Definitely a scam. I will be contacting my financial institution to report them and hopefully they can get my money back for me.

  7. Did not receive my order. Ordered 10/04/2020 it’s now 12/15/2020. Nothing. They keep responding to my email that it is caught up in customs and will be delayed. That is complete B.S. do not order this crap.

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