Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews {Jan 2021} Buy It & Be Safe!

Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews 2020

Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews {Jan 2021} Buy It & Be Safe! >> A write-up on an ear cleaning device, read whole article to know all important features & Usage.

 How to clean your ears the correct way? Do you hear slightly less due to the ear wax stuck in your ears? Also, cotton ear swabs don’t clean up so well? Any concerned human being will always take care of his body, from head to toe. Then why do some skip cleaning the ears properly?

Hearing is the essential sense, and keeping the ears clean will avert any hearing problems. Here we will be discussing Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews, which is very famous Worldwide, and conclude whether this product is helpful or not.

Let’s learn more.

What is Spade by Axel Glade?

Spade is a new-gen product that will be soon replacing the traditional cotton swabs. Spade is an ear cleaning device that is manufactured by Axel Glade. Spade is given the tagline smartest ear wax remover, and yes, it does give justice to that.

For years people have been using cotton swabs to get rid of ear wax, but they have been pushing it more in and damaging the ears. Spade is the future, and the product has brilliant features, so let’s discuss more Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews in the specifications below.

Specifications of Spade  

  • The product is a pen-shaped device that is designed to clean ear wax.
  • The product got launched in the market with a price tag of $126.9.
  • The device can be connected with an app that lets you see inside the ear for better cleaning.
  • The app can be downloaded on android and IPhone devices. 
  • Spade has a 3MPX sensor that is wireless and provides a better view inside the ear.
  • The device contains an ear picks, which is soft and hypoallergenic.
  •  The device never heats up like others and is very comfortable to hold.
  • Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews reveals that the device works on a battery which runs up to 60 days on a single charge.
  • The product has a lovely magnetic-based triple function, which has modes for faster charging.
  • The base is a three in one technology which acts as a charger, a dock, and a storage base.
  • The device is safe to use for all kinds of people, from old to small babies.
  • The device has a very sleek and attractive design and is comfortable to hold.
  • The product has 45 days return policy with free shipping in the United States.
  • The product box contains a Spade stick, four wax removers, a removal kit, and a base charger.

 Pros of purchasing Spade 

  • There is space for Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews.
  • The device is beautiful and can be carried easily.
  • Long-lasting charging.
  • Cleaning is made easy with a camera and sensors.
  • It can be used for other purposes like small areas like the nose.
  • Return policy based on no questions with 45 days.

Cons of purchasing Spade

  • The device is available only on the official website of Axel Glade.
  • Recently launched hence not much popularity.

Is the product legit or not?

The product’s official website is recently launched in September 2020, and the device has a social media presence, which commenced in September 2020 with an average followers.  As per Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews, the product seems legit as there are no such bad reviews out as yet.

There is space for customer reviews on the official page where customers seem to praise the product and the idea of it. Many people are excited about this product; as per some comments on social media, there is an average engagement with the public.

What are people saying about the product?

As the device is recently launched, not many people are aware of it, and also the promotion of the product is not that huge. There are not many reviews on the internet about this product, but Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews mentions that Spade has a social media presence, which is a plus point.

The official website is flooded with reviews by customers but deciding its legitimacy based on these reviews is a bit early.


We can conclude that this device is very innovative, and there was a much need to replace the cotton swabs as they cause nothing but damage to the ears. There are not many people aware of this product due to less promotion.

If anyone is planning to buy this product, then proper planning before a purchase is recommended.

Please comment your views on Spade Ear Cleaner Reviews below.

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