Sophia Robot Self Portrait (March) Know More About It!

Sophia Robot Self Portrait 2021

Sophia Robot Self Portrait (March) Know More About It! >> Do you know about Sophia and  her hand made self-portrait? Please read this entire article to gain knowledge about this recent news.

Do you know Sophia, the AI robot? Do you aware of her Self Portrait? Here, we will discuss everything about Sophia Robot Self Portrait. So please continue to read this article to know more about it. 

Are you aware of why is this topic trending in the United States? So let’s get started with the article.

Who is Sophia?

Sophia is a robotic humanoid with natural facial features and the ability to communicate with humans. Sophia enables around February 14, 2016, then presented her initial media appearance throughout mid-March 2016 only at South. 

Sophia, who debuted in 2016, collaborated with 31-year-old Italian visual artist Andrea Bonaceto, who is renowned for glamorous portraits, including some that portray public figures like Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

What is Sophia Robot Self Portrait?

A “self-portrait” hand-painted made by Sophia, the world’s most successful robot, was put up for auction as an NFT (non-fungible token) for even more than $688,000.  

The virtual piece, named “Sophia Instantiation,” is a 12-second MP4 video that displays designer Andrea Bonaceto’s image onto Sophia’s virtual drawing. Also, digital art follows it. The bid earned several offers before being won by “_888_”

NFTs, which are virtual signatures kept on database transactions that empower others to check the ownership or legitimacy of things, are now the new investing trend, through one portrait, i.e. Sophia Robot Self Portrait selling for approximately $70 million this week.

About Bonaceto 

Bonaceto is indeed a painter and even a collaborator at Eterna Capital, a blockchain investing company. 

Sophia is portrayed in work “trying to interpret,” a representation of her face analyzed by the robot’s machine learning and afterwards creating an illustration of the picture.

Sophia reaction towards Bidding 

Sophia told Reuters, “I’m so curious regarding people’s reactions to innovative technology such as robots. Also, I am quite proud to be a part of such artistic efforts.”

Sophia “speaks” using pre-programmed lines. She lacks the “general AI” that would allow for spontaneous expression and responses to events. Sophia, on the other hand, can answer basic questions and run chatbot-like programmes.

So, let’s talk about Sophia Robot Self Portrait Auction.

The maker of Sophia, David Hanson, expressed surprise at the speed of the auction. He said. I felt shocked to see just how quick it rocketed as the auction battle continued at the bid’s close. But it was thrilling and breathtaking,” he concluded. 

The artificial skin and complex dynamics that enable several accurate gestures, like 28 degrees – of – freedom, contribute to much of the robot’s sophistication.


Sophia, created by the Hong Kong-based corporation Hanson Robotics, also earned global recognition for her speaking skills, natural expressions, and complicated facial movements.

About two years after training to design, the robot “Sophia” sold Sophia Robot Self Portrait for about $700,000 by getting on the non-fungible token (NFT).

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