Sony Direct Playstation Scam [Mar] Read Review Today!

Sony Direct Playstation Scam 2021

Sony Direct Playstation Scam [Mar] Read Review Today! -> Are you searching out for online store selling a different kind of PlayStation? Do read here to know!

Hey readers, do you know whether Sony Direct Playstation Scam or a real online shop?

Well, do read out this entire content to get the relevant details on Sony Direct Playstation online shop. Sony is one of the most trusted companies producing quality electronic accessories, is the most popular one.

A lot of online stores have come up on ecommerce platforms selling a different kind of PlayStation. And Sony Direct PlayStation is one of them which sells its products to United States citizens.

So let’s go into detail about the Sony Direct PlayStation web store and check out all its facts so that we may know at the end whether this store is safe or unsafe for making any purchases!

Is Sony Direct Playstation Scam?

Well, let’s investigate in detail to clarify about Sony Direct PlayStation Shop, that whether this webshop is legit or not. Let’s go through the facts one by one!

  • The Sony Direct PlayStation is a website that is only forty-five days old. It was created on 29th January 2021.
  •  The website trust Index is one percent, as stated by
  • The webstore appears to be not much popular according to Alexa rank
  •  The web store Facebook page has seven hundred and forty-six likes, but the post has only a few likes.
  •  The Sony Direct Playstation Reviews are not seen anywhere 

So the web store appears to be potentially unsafe to make any purchase from it. It advisable to the customers to stay away from this store. Though the web store seems to be a good one just by displaying itself on its online page. But the website is quite unsafe!

What Is Sony Direct PlayStation? 

Sony Direct Playstation is an online shopping store offering all Sony Playstation at wholesale rates to US citizens. The web store gives fifty percent off promotional discounts, guarantee lower price and fastest delivery on all its items.

So, people out there are curious to know about Sony Direct Playstation Scam to confirm this store legitimacy.

This web store offers PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation at lowest range. The website stated that they supply their products to the largest retailer stores such as Amazon and Walmart.

Specifications Of Sony Direct PlayStation:

  •  Website type: Ecommerce site selling all types of PlayStation to people 
  •  Email address:
  • Registered address:  Marlborough Street, London, UK 
  •  US headquarters address:  Bridgepointe, San Mateo, USA
  • Return policy: not given
  • Payment method: Not given

Pros Of Sony Direct PlayStation:

  • The Sony Direct PlayStation offers different types of PlayStation such as PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 
  • The web store gives promotional discounts of up to fifty percent off.

Cons Of Sony Direct PlayStation:

  • The Sony Direct Playstation Reviews are not found anywhere 
  • The website is only forty-five days old as it was created on 29th January 2021.
  •  The Instagram page of this web store has only a few followings and likes on its post.
  •  The website lacks much other information regarding refund, returns, and payment methods. 
  •  The web store shares a very brief description about itself on the About Us page
  • The website contact number is found missing.
  •  The website trust Index is only one percent 

What Are People Saying About Sony Direct Playstation Reviews?

As we all saw, the Sony Direct PlayStation web store is very newly created and has not completed six months on an ecommerce site, so it’s lacking buyers’ views and comments online. The website still needs some days or months to receive any buyer’s feedback.

Further, any followers on the Facebook and Instagram page of Sony Direct PlayStation has not given any comments. So, we didn’t find out any views by buyers about Sony Direct PlayStation online.

We shall wait for some time and see if the website receives any genuine response from buyers in the coming days.


The Sony Direct PlayStation Shop has been on the e-commerce platform for only forty-five days, so the website appears to be potentially unsafe to make any purchase. Besides its creation date, we also saw other points which gave a negative light on website legitimacy.

The web store Sony Direct Playstation Scam at this moment is very suspicious to predict. So, we recommend the buyers not buy anything from this web store until it gets enough positive reviews.

Have you ever dealt with the Sony Direct Playstation web store? Do let us know below in the comment section!

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