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Sonovia Mask Reviews (August) Are You Losing Money Here?

Sonovia Mask Reviews

Sonovia Mask Reviews (August) Are You Losing Money Here? >> In the given article, you will read about a mask named Sonovia Mask, claiming to be an antiviral protection mask.

In this severe time of the pandemic, buying a mask for your safety has become crucial. But while you purchase it, you must be aware of its quality and protection assurance, so that you can perform your daily work without any worries. 

Are you browsing for protection measures during this pandemic? Do you want to buy masks, guaranteeing your safety? Are you looking for quality masks for you and your loved ones? 

If so, then in this article, you will flip through Sonovia Mask Reviews, which will tell you about a mask claiming about its excellence and safety assurance. 

In this review, you will read about Sonovia masks based in the United States. To help you save your money and to provide you with a reliable shopping experience, we will also tell you whether the mask is legit or a scam. 

So, let us start with our exploration of it.

What is Sonovia Mask? 

The Sonovia mask is an antiviral mask that assists you and your dear ones to remain protected from dangerous viruses and bacteria.

These masks are easily adjustable and come with the nose wire with it. 

Sonovia masks assure antiviral protection for one year. It is available in all sizes, including children, to adults. Furthermore, it has the option of head straps and ear loops in large models. 

The mask cancels out the Covid-19 particles upon contact. Moreover, the Sonovia mask’s technology employs 50% lesser chemicals compared to the new procedure of fabric finishing, therefore preparing it to be non-toxic to both the environment and us. 

The specifications of the Sonovia Mask: 

  • Product Type: This product is an antiviral protection mask. 
  • To buy the Sonovia mask click on
  • The Sonovia Mask puts on two-sided protection.
  • The cost of one Sonovia Mask is $69.
  • The outer membrane of the mask is a blend of 80% polyester & 20% cotton while the inner covering is of 100% polyester,
  • The mask is easily manageable. 
  • Its anti-pathogen fabric prevents the spread of the virus. 
  • The mask is available in all sizes.

Is Sonovia mask legit? 

While searching for Sonovia Mask Reviews, we found that these masks consist of a clinically assured filtration of five microns, which is a substantial barrier to the fundamental mode of virus transmission, i.e., the infected microdroplets.

Also, we came across some positive customer reviews regarding the Sonovia masks. Accordingly, these masks appear to be legit. 

To know more about the legitimacy of the Sonovia Masks, let us read further about its positive remarks, negative remarks, and customer reviews. 

The positive remarks of the Sonovia masks:

  • The Sonovia mask is made from soft and breathable fabric. 
  • The mask is comfortable and easily manageable. 
  • This mask is easy to wash and reuse. 
  • These masks come with adjustable straps and inward nose wire to fit comfortably. 
  • These masks are guaranteed to last over fifty-five wash cycles or a year. 
  • The masks are available in all sizes. 
  • The product shows good customer reviews.

The negative remarks of the Sonovia masks:

  • The mask is available in limited colors. 
  • The mask does not have a CE mark of FDA clearance. 
  • The mask is a bit costly.

What are people’s views on the Sonovia masks? 

Sonovia Mask Reviews say that the customer reviews for the Sonovia masks are incredibly positive. This shows that people consider this product worth their money. 

People said that they could easily manage the mask, and they also enjoyed its smooth fabric. They also felt content because of its reusable advantage. 

Most of the people are satisfied with their purchase and found these masks comfortable and breathable. Accordingly, it can be said that people found Sonovia masks to be reliable. 


In our Sonovia Mask Reviews, we explored and analyzed the Sonovia mask, and we came across many legit signs regarding it. 

The most promising sign to conform to the legitimacy of these masks were its positive customer reviews. 

Also, the mask comprises clinically assured filtration of five microns, which prevents the viruses from spreading or entering the mask. Therefore, it ratifies its quality to provide you safety.  

Accordingly, it can be concluded that the Sonovia mask is legit and worth your money. So, you can go in with your purchase for it.

If you have any questions or experience regarding the Sonovia Masks, then do let us know about it in the comment box below. 

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  1. Sonovia is Scam … took my money, never emailed me w/ confirmation as they stated they would after purchase. Never emailed me back after 4 emails to them requesting confirmation. so called company is a scam, ripped me off, out money and no masks.

  2. n 95 masks keep out particles of .3 microns. this mask only neutralizes the viral particles that come in contact with the mask, but if aerosols cant survive if not on droplets, they might be too small to contact the mask. that is its weakness

  3. These masks are meant to catch bacteria only not viruses They say 5 micron size is caught that’s 5,000 nanometres The covid-19 virus is 120 nanometres in size that’s over 40 times smaller than their mask capture. Can’t see the point in wearing one of their masks, especially at the price.

  4. on your SONOVIA site shipping to France is not available, please tell me how to order your mask from France

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