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Sokokz com Review [June] Read This Review Before Buying

Sokokz com Review 2020

Sokokz com Review [June] Read This Review Before Buying >> In this article, you will learn about women’s clothing website.

Are you looking for elegant clothes and scared to buy from a new website? Let’s check out Sokokz com Review and see if we can trust this website or not.

Buyers from the United States are thrilled to give a review of this new website in the market. The studies have helped us a lot to bring this detailed and insightful report about, and this website deserves your time.  

Seller working in the current market prefers to have an online appearance to increase their sales; they realize that numbers of customers shopping online are increasing gradually. 

We understand your dilemma of shopping from a newly launched website. Most of the customers preferred to buy from their usual trusted website because they don’t want to risk their money and critical information to a fraudulent website. 

Being new in the market has a lot of responsibility on a website to full the security and needs of the customers. The staff has to work on the level to prove their legitimacy and gain the trust of the viewer. 

Therefore, we have come up with a review of this new website so that you don’t have to go through the pain of performing tedious research. Let’s dive into the features of this website. 

Table of Contents

What is is an online website which has showcased some of the fantastic products online. The major attraction of the site is the quality products and the simplicity of the website.

The types of clothing available on the website are pants, tops, dresses, coats, knitwear, shirts, and jackets. The site has majorly focused on the designer clothing and has excelled itself in terms of showcasing their products. 

The website also newsletter services which you subscribe through your email address so that you can receive emails about the new arrivals and the discounts offer available for you to redeem.  

Why is unique?

The designer clothes available on the website are fantastic. The site has kept customer convenience and has a lot of informative pictures of a single product so that you can have a detailed overview of the product and how it looks.

Being a new website, it has managed to follow all the security measures and browsing protocols to keep your browsing experience safe and astonishing.

Specifications of

  • Product Type: Women’s Clothing
  • Website Link:
  • Email Address:
  • Address: 4579 W Woodtrail Ct, IN 46163, New Palestine, United States
  • Contact Number: (218) 330-1496
  • Contact Person: Jerry Cuppy
  • Delivery Time: 6-8 Business Days
  • Shipping Charges: Not Clear 
  • Mode of payment: PayPal 

Pros of buying products from

  • Designer clothes in stock
  • Safe payment gateway 
  • Newsletter services
  • Fast delivery time
  • Affordable price range 

Cons of buying products from

  • Only one payment option available
  • “About Us” page missing
  • Shipping charges are not available 
  • Address of store is the address of a person’s apartment

Is legit? 

The website has mentioned its entire copyright policies online straight forward. The procedures specified on the site states that you are not allowed to use their products or the media your beneficial use.

Some of the online reviewing websites state that the site is a scam due to lack of transparency, and the website is very new; therefore, it hasn’t received much love from the market.

What is customer feedback about

The website newly launched; therefore, we could not find enough Sokokz com Review to judge the authenticity of the website.

The online technical reviewing websites states that the site is potentially safe to browse and has a secure payment gateway to carry on your payments.

Final Verdict:

We found that the website is potentially safe in terms of technical terms and network security. The site is still at the stage of development.

Few reviews we found on the website that says that the site is scam comes from the reviewers who have not bought any products from the website, and they are speaking from their own experience.

It is legit to give the apartment address on the website as the new business starts at a low level. Therefore we will rule out the address abnormality reviewers are using to prove this website a scam.

We found the website suspicious due to lack of transparency and buy when you feel like the site has developed enough and have received some reviews.

The website new in the market and is still working on the various aspect to gain customers acceptance. 

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  1. absolutely fraud. I ordered something and was charged twice for unrecognizable items,$10.40 higher than initial price. Filed dispute with PayPal now.

  2. Ordered 96$ product, never received it, no customer support, and now web site gone.. they got me.. Scam, if site reopens do not buy from them.. you will get fucked, and they don’t even lube you up first.

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