Snowrunner Version 1.20 (Macrh) Know About The Update!

Snowrunner Version 1.20

Snowrunner Version 1.20 (Macrh) Know About The Update! >> Do you love playing the challenging game? This article talks about the latest update by the game developer that fixes bugs and other issues. 

Are you an enthusiast for SnowRunner, the next-generation co-op off-roading experience? The SnowRunner game developers keep adding updates to make the gaming experience more fun.

With each update, the developers claim to resolve many issues and also treat players in the United States and worldwide to new additions. These additions include new maps, free skins, innovative textures pack, working mirrors for different consoles, and more.

In the following article, SnowRunner Version 1.20, we give in-depth information about the trending update that adds quality improvements to the game. Let’s read the article together.

What is a SnowRunner?

SnowRunner is an incredibly relaxing, challenging, and rewarding ice road trucking simulator game. This unique game is highly engrossing and keeps players entertained for hours together.

Specifications about SnowRunner:

  • Developer- Saber Interactive
  • Release date- 28-04-2020
  • Platform- PS4, Xbox One, & PC
  • Tags- Simulation
  • Rating- Everyone

What is the SnowRunner Update 1.20 patch?

The game developer Saber Interactive strives to enhance the SnowRunner gaming experience for gamers. For this, SnowRunner Version 1.20 is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 players. According to the official SnowRunner 1.20 patch, the latest update fixes many tweaks and bugs. 

Before this, the SnowRunner update 1.19 Patch also added vehicles, new maps, and more to SnowRunner players. But, the 1.19 update was not a hit and players still had several issues while playing SnowRunner. 

SnowRunner update 1.20 is expected to fix a couple of these issues faced by players.

What is special about SnowRunner Version 1.20?

  • The new update fixes a bug that did not save the video settings after restarting the game.
  • It also fixes a slow gearbox stick movement when the player tries for a reverse set-up.
  • It fixes different logging mechanics, localization issues, collision, additional crashes, and UI.
  • It also fixes many optimizations, offers performance improvements, and title stability across all platforms.
  • For consoles, SnowRunner Version 1.20 increases the available memory for mods on consoles by almost 40%.
  • It promises to fix a bug of faulty RAM restriction on consoles that appears when players connect to the co-op host with mods activated.
  • The users receive an “Authentication notice” when they select the Mod browser on launching the title without any internet connection on Xbox. SnowRunner Version 1.20 promises to fix this issue also. 

Final verdict

SnowRunner update 1.20 is recently launched and therefore does not have any comments from any of the players so far. To conclude our article, we suggest you to expand your SnowRunner experience and take it to heightened levels of uninterrupted fun.  Go for the latest SnowRunner update 1.20. It is free and easy to download.

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