Benefits of Smart Building Lighting systems in Homes

Complete Detail Smart Building Lighting systems in Homes

Lighting is one of the major considerations when designing a residential or commercial building. The movement for sustaining the planet by going green has taken hold and this has spurred technological advancements. One notable innovation is Building Automation Software (BAS) which helps in scheduling lighting and dimming lights or turning off lights near well-lit areas like near windows or doorways.

Smart building lighting systems enable you to control bulbs using different connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless radio, and If This If That (IFTTT) technology. The ability to turn the lights on and off using smartphone apps or voice-activated personal assistants is a major selling point that has made smart lighting systems popular. In this article, we discuss the numerous benefits of investing in smart lighting but first, here is an overview of smart lighting options.

Examples of Smart Lighting Systems

Homeowners and property developers who wish to adopt smart lighting systems can choose from the following options:

  • Smart light bulbs 

This lighting solution requires an internet connection through Wi-Fi and users can have multiple bulbs installed around the property. Key features include compatibility with IFTTT, modifiable brightness, and mood-based hues. 

  • Motion sensing lights

These lights are equipped with PIR sensors that can detect when an object or person approaches them. Apart from home settings, motion-sensing lights are also applicable in driveways or parking spaces. They light up when a vehicle approaches and illuminate the road.

  • Smart lights connected with the hub  

This option works well with existing lighting systems where you connect them to the internet using a hub. However, these lights cannot function without the hub connection. 

Benefits of Smart Lighting Systems

  • Scheduling Groups of Lights

One of the greatest benefits of smart lighting innovation is the ability to schedule when your lights go on and off when you are around or traveling. Homeowners have found home automation lighting especially useful in keeping off intruders who may take advantage of their absence. In this regard, you can schedule the security lights in the garden to go on at nightfall and go off at daybreak making it seem like somebody is home.

  • Function as Motion Detectors 

Boosting the security of your property is even easier with smart lighting systems. These lights can be triggered when a sensor detects motion such as a burglar walking around the compound. When they detect motion, security lights go off potentially scaring off the intruder. More so, this feature will turn on the lights in your room to let you know something is amiss. Many parents have also found motion-detecting lights useful in catching teenagers trying to escape at night.

  • Switching Lights Remotely 

Handheld technology like smartphones has made automation even simpler no matter the geographical distance. All you need is a smartphone app to manage your smart lighting systems even when you are out of the country. Forgetting to turn off the lights when you leave a room can be annoying especially if you live in a multi-level property. Thanks to the convenience of smart lighting systems, you can simply use the app or voice activation to turn them off. 

  • Reduced Utility Costs 

Utility bills for lighting can skyrocket and cause strain on the operational budget of a home or commercial building. Smart lighting technology helps to use electricity only when necessary and prevent wastage such as by leaving the security lights on during the day. If you are struggling with rising electric costs, replacing incandescent lights with smart Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights will keep your consumption low and utility bills low.

  • Elevating Interior Design

Interior design experts will attest to the importance of color as a vital design element. Switching from dull traditional lights to modern illumination comes with color versatility with high-end smart bulbs giving up to sixteen million varied hues. Accent lighting can highlight certain features of a space more than others, for instance, a piece of artwork on the mantle becomes more alluring when illuminated. 

These robust capabilities will change the overall outlook of your property making it more appealing. What’s more, these advanced installations can increase the resale value if you decide to list your home. 

  • Extended Lifetimes of LED Bulbs

Investing in smart lighting may seem expensive at the outset but you will save money in the long run. Traditional incandescent bulbs typically last for two thousand hours whereas LED smart lights can last up to fifty-thousand hours. Whether buying for your home or small business like a restaurant or gym, investing in LED or CFL lights is a smart move financially.

  • Personalization of Lights

Smart lighting systems are beloved for their personalization features as you can change the color of the lighting to suit the moment. If you need to work while your partner is sleeping, using dimmer lighting is recommended so you don’t interfere with their sleep. Similarly, an avid reader may prefer different shading of light so they don’t strain their eyes. 

Personalization also comes in handy when hosting soirees and other special events which require different colors for mood-setting and ambiance. Research also shows that changing the color of your lights has positive effects on your mood and can even help you sleep better.

  • Phone Notification Capabilities

Technological advancements are limitless on their hunt for improving user experience. The latest innovations are smart lights that can serve as notifications when there is activity on your phone. How cool is it to have the lighting change when you receive emails, text messages, or social media posts? If you are hosting a party and cannot hear your doorbell, smart lighting can alert you when guests or deliveries arrive.


Lighting has come a long way since the invention of bulbs by Thomas Edison over a century ago. Technological advancements have brought us smart lighting systems for homes, businesses, office buildings, etc. Investing in smart lighting comes with a myriad of benefits like convenience, better ambiance, reduced bills, and automation. Considering these benefits, we highly recommend homeowners and property developers to opt for these groundbreaking innovations and the planet will be better for it.

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