Simplco Reviews (July 2020) Is this a Reliable Site?

Simplco Reviews

Simplco Reviews (July 2020) Is this a Reliable Site? >> In this article, you have explored for a website that deals with luxury pillows for children!

Do you want sound sleep for your newborn baby? Newborn babies need extra comfort while sleeping. Comfortable and best quality pillows help them to sleep for the required number of hours.

Many online stores and website sell pillows which are comfortable for newborn babies and also are cost-effective. While looking for the best quality pillows, you want to check if the quality of the pillow is the best so that they won’t get any skin related infections. For all the comfort sleep needs for your baby from 0-12 months old, you can check the Simplco Reviews to find if the store gains your trust to buy a pillow for your child. For all details about this online luxury pillow store, you can go through this article and make sure that Is Simplco Legit or a scam website?

In this article, you will find out about the Simplco Reviews that we have mentioned below to check for the legitimacy of this online luxury pillow store before you move ahead to buy a pillow for your child.

Is Simplco Legit?

The online luxury pillow store is newly launched in the United States. The Simplco online luxury pillow store sells pillows for children from 0-12 months old. Simplco Reviews will be helpful when you are searching for a pillow for your newborn baby.

However, we hardly found any Simplco Reviews while exploring online. After all the required analysis, we concluded that this recently launched an online pillow store has no authenticity. For the detailed information to review that Is Simplco Legit? We would be grateful if you go through the details we have provided you in this article.

What is Simplco pillow store?

The Simplco is an online website that deals with luxury pillows for children from 0-12 months old. These are available in many shapes, colours, and designs.  These are multi-functional pillows to give comfort to your child’s neck and head. Also, these are manufactured with 100% cotton fabric, and the filling is of cotton/polyester. The website claims the best design. Besides, they provide customer services to handle all issues 24*7.

Moreover, the website assures that each product undergoes a rigorous procedure of quality assurance for which they have a highly-trained team. The store does not ship the order until it meets the International ISO quality standards and also the standards set by Simplco.

However, this online luxury pillow store is a very new launch in the United States and has not many details. So it’s challenging to know that Is Simplco Legit or a scam website?

Specifications of Simplco Pillow store:

  • Website type: Online luxury pillow store
  • Website:  
  • Email id:   
  • Address: 1375, Bynum way, Oakley, CA 94561 United States
  • Contact Number: 678 571 5241
  • Return & Exchange: Available within seven days 
  • Payment options: PayPal
  • Shipping: 7-10 working days.

 Pros of Simplco:

  • Luxury pillows with different colours, shapes, and designs
  • The website is SSL Certified.
  • The website claims to have 100% Cotton Fabric Products.

Cons of Simplco:

  • Price of the pillows displayed are very high
  • Newly launched website
  • Not many details over the Internet 

Simplco Reviews:

It isn’t easy to find out any Simplco Reviews while we explored the internet. Reviews available are all negative. Customers who bought pillows from this store claimed it a fake website. They are unsatisfied and mentioned it an untrustworthy website. The Simplco Reviews also stated the risk while making a transaction. 

Additionally, the quality of the pillows is low. The information available about this online store based in the United States is least, which makes it difficult for a customer to buy pillows through this website.

Final Verdict:

As mentioned, a query in this article that “Is Simplco Legit?” the online luxury pillow store seems to be a scam website. Hence, we will not advise you to buy pillows for your newborn baby through this store. 

There are chances for you to get cheated because of low quality and the risk involved while making payment of pillows on this website. It is advisable to check for the products while you buy for a newborn baby.

Also, Simplco Reviews are highly unsatisfactory. It is not advised to buy pillows through this store, especially when any product is related to children. Therefore, we recommend you not to buy cushions that are not good for your newborn baby.

We appreciate your trust in reading this article and kindly comment at the end of the article. 

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  1. I made a purchase from this site. Have not received an item but two false shipping tracking numbers. False since one showed delivered before the order was ever placed and one showing delivered the date of the order. You will note the website seems to be no longer good and I never could reach anyone from the company.

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