Signal 503 Error (Jan 2021) Some Facts for Understanding!

Signal 503 Error 2021

Signal 503 Error (Jan 2021) Some Facts for Understanding! >> Find out how much your privacy matters through the content in this article.

With the rising technologies, applications, and workplaces gradually shifting to work from home. Privacy has become a significant concern for the entire world. At this point, a big question pops up that, what will they do with your data, apart from stealing money from your bank? They personalize ads and subconsciously put pressure on you to buy them.

With this fear and recent changes in WhatsApp’s policies, there has been a significant shift towards the ‘Signal’ app. Team ‘Signal’ was getting thousands of downloads per day, but they did not expect to start getting millions per day suddenly. 

This sudden transition overloaded their system, which led to Signal 503 Error in Hong Kong, Australia, Canadathe United Statesand the United Kingdom.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how your privacy is hindered and what’s the error.

How getting personalized ads is harmful?

Now, one may ask, what’s the harm in getting personalized ads? The answer lies in another question. Do you want to share everything with everyone? No. You would always want to ask for your due permission before sharing anything with a third party.

Recently, WhatsApp changed their privacy policies, which categorically mentioned that they could share your chats with business accounts to any third party in the world. If you do not accept it by May 15, you would not be able to use the app.

What is Signal 503 Error?

Firstly, let’s understand what the Signal app is. It is a messaging app founded by Brian Acton. He is also the founder of WhatsApp and shifted his focus towards Signal when Facebook acquired WhatsApp.

Due to the sudden shift towards Signal, many users were facing issues in sending across the platform, and some could not connect to the app. These users mainly belonged to Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, the United Statesand the United Kingdom. When users tried to send the message, a notification occurred “send failed, Signal 503 Error ”.

What was the Signal’s response?

The app responded that they are experiencing technical difficulty and are working hard to restore it as quickly as possible.

Moreover, they explained that they have been adding new servers and extra capacity at a record pace every day. They did expect not millions of downloads suddenly, and it even surpassed their most optimistic projections.

They promised that they would resolve “Signal 503 Error ” soon.

Final Verdict

It is unfortunate to see that an app that has been a part of our lifestyle has used our dependence on it to force its users to adhere to their privacy policies. Otherwise, years of loyalty and usage will be snapped in a second.

We have concluded that we must not depend on one single app for all our communication with this grave incident. And we must switch to other options to break the monopoly that has been created.

Signal 503 Error is just a small hiccup in empowering the users.

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