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Sigg Vacuum Bottle Reviews (Oct) Is It Genuine Or Scam?

Sigg Vacuum Bottle Reviews 2020

Sigg Vacuum Bottle Reviews (Oct) Is It Genuine Or Scam? >> This post will provide in-depth knowledge of the brand that is popular in manufacturing drinking bottles.

Are you planning to order your favorite bottle from If yes, then please check Sigg Vacuum Bottle Reviews first.Established in 1908, the journey of the SIGG Bottles AG started in Switzerland. It sells bottles, mugs, Tiffin boxes, and accessories. The brand is widely famous for its products in the United States due to high-quality material.

As the store is running for a long time, we still need to check many things such as quality material, feedback from clients, payment methods, the background of the store, different branches of the company, etc. As a result, we chose this company ‘SIGG’ in our next review. So, please do not skip any paragraph as the post will clear all your confusions.

What is the SIGG Company?

The SIGG is best known as the manufacturer of the aluminium drinking bottle segment. The products include water bottles, thermo flasks, lunch boxes, travel mugs, and accessories. 

The brand was established by a metalworking specialist, Ferdinand Sigg, and his friend, Xaver Küng.

As per the findings of Sigg Vacuum Bottle Reviews, the company has entered into online business 16 years back. It also sells unique designer bottles for the kids. Along with the United States, Sigg’s celebrates its market presence in more than 40 countries. 


  • Website-
  • Head Office- Frauenfeld, Switzerland.
  • Founder- Ferdinand Sigg
  • Product- Drinking Bottles, tiffin boxes, flasks, travel mugs and accessories. 
  • Material- Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plastic, and Glass.
  • Cancellation policy- Available.
  • Returns & Exchange-Addressed within 14 days after getting the order.
  • The contact details are given below-
  • For EU-

Walzmühlestrasse 62; CH- 8501 Frauenfeld

 Phone number: +41 52 728 63 30; E-Mail ID:

  • For UK-

C/O We Work, 6 Brindley Place; Birmingham B1 2JB; Email:

Sigg Vacuum Bottle Reviews states a few advantages and disadvantages. Please read as below:

What are its advantages?

  • Get wide ranges of water bottles, lunch boxes, pouches, outdoor cutlery, and travel mugs at average prices. 
  • The products and accessories are available in different colors and shapes.
  • It manufactures unique and colorful designer bottles for the kids. 
  • The manufacturer claims to use the safest material to manufacture bottles. It ensures that the company maintains the legal safety standard at the time of the manufacturing process.  
  • The consumers get spare parts and accessories associated with the bottles, such as clearing brush, cleaning tablets, etc. 

What are its disadvantages?

  • The bottles are not suitable to store for strong drinks such as coffee as the drink can absorb the smell of the plastic. 

What are customers saying?

We have got satisfying reactions from the consumers in our relevant internet research. As per the Sigg Vacuum Bottle Reviews report, more than 75 percent of customers are delighted with the product quality and service. 

On the other hand, 25 percent are little discouraged due to their opinion, such as product cost, etc.

One of the buyers praised the product on the top reputed e-commerce platform as, 

‘The bottle material is great as it won’t cut your lips. It is leak proof. There is no fear of bottle lid to explode off at the time of juice ferment like the traditional ones. But, the product is not good for the strong coffee as the plastic may absorb the smell of the drink. Hot drinks won’t maintain the temperature for very longer time. But, it can be useful while traveling as it can provide the hotness till few hours. Overall, it is one of the best products and he is quite delighted to recommend it to others.’

We found one more buyer who has shared his experience with the company service. He wrote as,

‘I ordered two bottles from the SIGG. Out of them, one bottle had a hot outer surface when he filled with boiling water. The heat has vanished after some moment. So, he returned the product and claimed the replacement. The company exchanged the work without creating any issue. The flasks are best for the train journey or travelling purpose. He is satisfied with the company’s service.’

Final Verdict

According to the Sigg Vacuum Bottle Reviews facts, SIGG’s products and services are not doubtful at any cost. The products might be expensive for some users, but it is worth buying if you consider the quality. 

The reviews of buyers even show they are more than satisfied. Running from the last 16 years in the online marketplace, this brand has won several hearts. Also, it strictly takes care of the safety standard, so you do not hesitate to buy the products. 

But we always recommend our readers to use your wisdom before making a decision and go for in-depth research. Please share your feedback with us in the comments section below.

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