Shirt Base Roblox (Feb 2021) Make Your Shirts Here


Shirt Base Roblox (Feb 2021) Make Your Shirts Here -> Are you searching for the details of the clothing of Roblox’s character? Read the article and collect the information.

Do you know about Shirt Base Roblox? In today’s article, we will tell how you can use your creative mind to make shirts for your avatar. Roblox is most commonly played by the people of the United Kingdom and United States.

The main aim of all the Robloxian is to collect robux so that they can provide their avatar with various accessories. The clothing of Roblox is quite trendy among gamers. They love to make their avatar a special and unique character of the game. Let’s try to know the method to earn robux with the help of amazing feature.

What is Shirt Base Roblox?

It is the feature of making clothes for your character. A T-shirt can be designed easily. When the shirts are wrapped around the body of the avatar, it offers a new look and adds charm to the game. Various clothing templates help us in making shirts. 

Most of the avatars are categorized into four different types that are:

  1. Large Squares
  2. Small squares
  3. Wide Rectangles
  4. Tall Rectangles

Depending on the size of the character, templates are chosen to make Shirt Base Roblox.

How to earn robux by selling shirts?

Yes, you heard it right; we can earn robux by making shirts for characters. Once you learn how to make shirts, you can make your awesome collection of clothes and sell them. 

  1. Go to the create button available on the top of the site.
  2. Click on the shirts that you have created, and you want to sell them.
  3. After, it selects the option of sales.
  4. You will reach on the sales page. Look at the page carefully and try to find the option of an item for sale. Once you find it, please turn it on.
  5. Now enter the robux you want the buyer should pay for your shirt.
  6. At last, press the save option.

Shirt Base Roblox is a method to start earning robux in an alternative way. 

About Shirt Base

Shirt base plays a significant role in making t-shirts for your avatar. You have to download the appropriate template and make your designs on it. Once it gets finalized, upload it on Roblox. The shirt base will decide the whole look of your avatar.


The outfits play the major role in reflecting the personality of your character. Roblox allows you to equip your avatars with various clothing items and accessories. We have shared the steps with which you can make the best utilization of the Shirt Base Roblox  

By making uniquely designed t-shirts, you can enhance the looks of your avatar. We suggest readers try out making shirts. In case you do not like them put them on sale and earn robux. 

Guys, do you want your avatar with hoodies and jackets? Please share your answers in the comment section given below.

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